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Who’s the Best Company for Solar Installation Scottsdale?

It’s an important question to consider because new solar companies are growing and popping up every single year. As consumers become more and more conscious of their energy usage and the health of the environment, they turn to more friendly means of developing energy for their household or their office space. When people know that the energy they consume from their household or the energy they consume of their vehicles isn’t hurting the planet’s health as severely, people seem to like that! It’s comforting to know that you are not part of the problem.

Part of the problem though is that there have been many bad stories or negative cases against solar installation companies. As a solar installation company ourselves, we find that we often run into situations where panels have been poorly installed, and customers were recommended parts and products that were really unnecessary or they were charged extremely high. Furthermore, because most people are a little bit dysfunctional with the management of their time and focus, customers have often rated and reviewed solar installation Scottsdale companies quite negatively online.

This is why it’s important for you to genuinely ask, “Who is going to be the best company to do solar installation Scottsdale?” Well, we believe that we can confidently say our company, Watt Masters, can be the pivotal resource you need to get some grapes solar energy installed for your home or for your property’s needs. Here’s why:

Why Watt Masters Does Great Solar Installation Scottsdale


Watt Masters

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You’ll find plenty of testimonials and people to call who love our work!

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We give you an estimate, stick with it and on small changes, we won’t keep asking for money!

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The Senior Solar Guys of Scottsdale

All the research is showing that the solar industry is booming. You’ll find articles online from Forbes or from direct solar industry publications that more and more people are buying solar panels. Just take a look at the chart below to find the cumulative US solar installations over the last few years. It’s been skyrocketing.

Solar Installation Scottsdale Graph

What you should feel comfortable knowing is that Watt Masters has been around since before the skyrocketing industry. We were installing solar panels before it was super popular. We were one of the innovators and one of the trendsetters at the beginning. So instead of working with some of the new box out there that are trying to jump into a field that’s earning a lot of money, and that’s their sole ambition, work with the company that got into it for the right reasons. In the right reasons are to provide you energy for your home that benefits the Earth more and doesn’t keep you tied to the utility companies. 


Great Reviews & References

One of the great reasons why Watt Masters truly is a valuable company is because you can prove they are valuable online. If you look up our company as a solar installation Scottsdale company, you’ll find plenty of people that have given great reasons to choose us. You’ll find customers that said that we did a very quick job at installing their solar panels. Instead of waiting for weeks upon weeks and then constantly having team members come back to fix problems, it was a very simple process for these customers. They were led through the process with great communication and were given very clear expectations. This is obviously very reassuring and should give you confidence that our company, Watt Masters, does a really good job.

You will also find that customers really appreciated our expertise. As we already discussed in this page, we are one of the senior solar guys who provide solar installation Scottsdale. That means we’ve been at this rodeo for a long while now! While some of the younger companies are trying to get in because they finally realize this is a booming business, we’ve been here for over 20 years doing this. That means when customers call to ask about questions or they’re real curious about whether this is a good investment or not, our team can actually give really good insight and explain it clearly so that customers respect our expertise. They can tell that we’ve done this before.

You can even find other companies that have used our services for their own construction projects raving about our work. It’s a common narrative for general contractors to be annoyed at some of their subcontractors that they use. But when it comes to Watt Masters, you’ll find that it’s a similar sentiment with every one of these companies that keep using us, we do great work and we are very efficient with it. If you want to see some of this visual proof, please click here so that you can be redirected to our growing list of Google reviews.

No Nickel & Diming

Now we know that in any business, there can be some charlatan activities, and it’s no different with the solar installation Scottsdale companies. You may find that with some of the other companies out there, they will pitch one lower price, and then continue to talk about how you’ll really “gain some good value” after paying for these other additional services that they didn’t talk about initially. It’s all utilized in order to swing you into talking with them, and then making you pay more than you wanted it so that you can actually gain the valuable product.

We do not agree with this business practice at Watt Masters. Our business is to make sure that you actually receive the rewards that come from installing solar energy. That reward doesn’t have to come with crazy hidden costs. While there are costs to any good thing, we know that with the reputation of our business, the effectiveness of our work quality and the leadership of our company, Watt Masters will not let you down.

Finally…Free Electricity for 30 Years!