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EV Charger Installation

EV Charging Station Experts

Whether you need EV Charging Station Contractors for an install at your home or several stations installed at a commercial location, you can rely on Watt Masters for a correct and safe install every time. As one of Arizona's most experienced and best EV charging station installers in Phoenix and throughout all of Arizona; we make this an easy and smooth process for you by taking care of every step from planning, design, EV charger rebates and tax incentives, permits and inspections, testing, and instruction on usage!

Our technicians start by visiting your location to perform a comprehensive location and electrical panel assessment and guide you on which Electric vehicle charging stations will meet your needs. If an electrical panel upgrade is needed to accommodate your EV charger, we can help you there, too, and will provide an upfront quote for everything before any work begins.

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Home EV Charging Made Easy

Home EV Charger Installation

We handle all of the complex details so your experience is easy, quick and enjoyable.

This starts with a visit to your home where we evaluate location options and ensure your electrical panel can handle the added load, which is often fine. We then assist you in choosing the right brand and model of EV charger for your vehicle(s), and guide you in taking advantage of all available state and federal tax incentives and EV charging station rebates. You will gain confidence and sleep peacefully knowing that after installation we conduct thorough safety and performance tests to ensure everything is working flawlessly.

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Enhanced workplace, earn more customers

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Looking for a way to gain an edge over competitors, increase employee satisfaction at your workplace, or simply want your business to be a contributor to a greener planet? With exponentially more electric vehicles on the road today, the rise of oil prices, and newer more affordable models continually being released; the demand for commercial electric vehicle charging stations is here.

Watt Masters has been a leading commercial electric vehicle charging station installer in Phoenix and all across Arizona for many years now, and we would love an opportunity to bid on your project!

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