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Most Peoria AZ homeowners choose to hire a Peoria solar installer to:

  • save money on their electric bill
  • show their neighbors they care about the environment
  • increase the value of their home
  • and help control rising energy costs.

But what some people often overlook is the quality and experience of the solar installer they are hiring – this is crucial and VERY important to your savings and safety.  

Too many Peoria solar providers go cheap on equipment in order to increase their profit or reduce their price to win your business.. In turn, your system doesn’t last as long, doesn’t produce as much power, and can even be downright dangerous.

As for experience, this is the most important factors to ensure a safe and optimally performing solar panel system. An incorrectly wired panel can quickly become a fire hazard. Poorly pairing equipment together can reduce efficiency and save you less money.

Watt Masters just so happens to be one of the most experienced solar providers in Peoria AZ, with our first home solar installation dating back to 1999 before most of our competitors even existed! We really know what works and what doesn't, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best solar panel system at the most competitive pricing - all with an exceptional small local family-owned service experience!

Peoria, AZ

With 300 days of electricity generating sunshine, tons of beautiful parks and hiking trails, sports stadiums, amazing restaurants and more -- it's easy to see why Peoria AZ was ranked as one of the best cities to live!

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Arizona homes loss power due to power outages from 2008-2017
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Decrease in prices of solar panel pricing in the last five years
Days of sunshine in Peoria, AZ! Nationwide average is 205.

When you look at the stats above, it is clear to see that there hasn’t been a better time for solar panel installation in Peoria, AZ than RIGHT NOW in 2022. Don’t put this off any longer though! Energy rates are increasing, the price of solar equipment is increasing, the availability of equipment is decreasing, and the 30% tax incentive saves you even more! 

Top 4 reasons why people choose Watt Masters as the best solar installers in Peoria, AZ

More Experience than 9/10 of other installers

Best-in-Class Solar Panels & Equipment

Quality Workmanship Built to Last a Lifetime

People Love Our Honest & Friendly Service

home solar battery backup
Watt Masters is also an experienced Solar Battery Backup Provider in Peoria, AZ!

Arizona sunsets are some of the most beautiful in all the world. However, when the sun sets, your solar panels no longer generate electricity for you to use! This leaves you with 2 choices: pay to draw power from the grid (as you did pre-solar) or draw power from solar backup batteries that are topped off throughout the day!

Solar backup batteries store the excess electricity you’ve generated during the day so that in the sunless evening hours you draw power from your backup batteries and not expensive grid power.

People often ask us, “Are solar backup batteries worth it?” We think so. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • save more money by using your free energy 24/7
  • say bye-bye to power outages! If the power goes out, your home automatically switches to battery power. This is especially important for those individuals that rely on life-saving medical equipment!
  • much quieter and better for the environment than traditional generator backup
  • the additional cost of equipment and installation also counts towards tax rebates and incentives! 

You can produce and save the most when pairing batteries with your initial solar panel installation, so don’t wait to add them later, do it now for the most cost savings, best efficiency in pairing, and the most amount of power storage.

At Watt Masters, you get more for your money. More service, more savings, more experience, more power, and more confidence in knowing that your solar panel system was designed and installed correctly.  As a local family-owned and operated solar installation contractor in Peoria, AZ, we care about our local communities and want to be sure all of our customers enjoy safe and free electricity for many years to come.

These are just a few of the reasons why home and business owners have long considered Watt Masters one of the most trusted and best solar panel installation companies in Peoria!

So whether you’re in search of a trusted contractor to help with your residential solar installation or commercial solar installation, we are experts and highly experienced in all project sizes. Give our friendly team a call today to see if solar is right for you!

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