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On this page we will present some of the most important things you should know before investing into solar panel installation in Glendale. From solar panel pricing, to discounts with tax incentives, and what to look for when hiring the best solar installer in Glendale.

save money with solar!

There hasn’t been a better time to save money with home solar installation in Glendale, Arizona!

The cost of solar panel installation in Glendale is the lowest pricing it has ever been (however inflation will raise prices again very soon!), and 2022 is the last year you can get a 26% discount with the federal solar tax credit.

Even so, home solar panels nearly pay for themselves from day one due to the instant increase in home equity value! And if selling your house is somewhere in your future sights, you’ll be pleased to know that homes with solar sell faster and for more money according to several recent real estate studies.

Solar installation in Glendale is a no-brainer. But don’t wait any longer! 26%+ savings in rebates and incentives are going away in 2023! Save money, help the environment, and control rising electric costs.

The #1 key to saving the most money with solar panels is choosing an experienced solar installation company in Glendale that you can trust. Watt Masters is a local family-owned solar company that has been faithfully serving Glendale home and business owners with high-performance money saving solar since 1999.

4 reasons why people choose Watt Masters as their favorite solar panel installers in Glendale

More Experience than 9/10 of other installers

Best-in-Class Solar Panels & Equipment

Quality Workmanship Built to Last a Lifetime

Local & Family Run with the Friendliest Service

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What does it cost to install home solar panels in Glendale AZ?

We don’t have fancy online calculators like other companies for good reason, they’re not accurate, it’s a bait and switch tactic to get your information then high-pressure sell you their much higher priced systems. There are many factors that make up solar panel pricing. To give you a closer idea, we will highlight the most common home solar panel system sizes along with the average cost of each.

5 kW

Home Solar Panels

  • $17,500 before discounts
  • $12,250 after discounts
6 kW

Home Solar Panels

  • $21,000 before discounts
  • $14,700 after discounts
7 kW

Home Solar Panels

  • $24,500 before discounts
  • $17,150 after discounts

Most Glendale homes use around 1,100 kWh each month. That’s why a 6 kW home solar panel system is the most common sized residential solar panel installation in Glendale. After taxes and rebates, a 6 kW residential solar panel system is about $14,700.

Glendale homeowners enjoy going solar for $0 down with Watt Masters solar financing!

When you contact us for your free solar panel installation quote, we review your past electric bills as well as discuss any future additions you may have in mind that may require more electricity, so that your solar panel system is perfectly sized and precisely quoted upfront before any work begins!

2022 solar tax credit

Save 26% or more off of your home solar install with Federal Solar Tax Incentives and Credits!

But don’t wait any longer. 2022 is the last year for this discount. If getting the best bang for your buck matters to you, than now truly is the best timing for you to invest into home solar.

When hiring Watt Masters as your trusted solar installer in Glendale, you get more value for your money.

You will feel confident and have peace of mind knowing that your home’s solar panel system was professionally designed to give you maximum savings by pairing together the most compatible components, maximum safety with experienced and quality workmanship, and maximum performance with the best solar panels for your money — all of which will give you maximum control over rising electric bills, maximum positive impact on the environment for our future generations, and maximum free electricity generation for years to come!

Extraordinary customer service experience, on-time installation, and quality workmanship built to last forever have earned us the title of the best solar installers near me in Glendale since 1999!

Watt Masters local family-owned and operated small business has been providing best-in-class solar panel installation in Glendale AZ since 1999! No other solar installer in Glendale compares to our quality workmanship, honest and friendly service, and high-performance solar panel systems built to last a lifetime and save you the most money.

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