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With nearly 20 years experience as solar panel installers, and electricians for over 100 years and 4 generations - both on residential and commercial projects from small to very large - we very well may be the most experienced solar panel installers & electricians in Phoenix and all of Arizona.​

Although Watt Masters was founded in Phoenix, AZ in August of 1999, the history of our family’s company goes all the way back to the early 1900’s when our great grandfather, Gustav Bühler was installing the first electrical systems into homes in Germany! Over 100 years later, our commitment still remains the same - “Exceeding our customers' expectations with a quality they can depend on.”

-Thomas Buehler, Owner

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A letter from the owner, Tom Buehler


“Every day, we continue to strive to maintain our goal of ‘Exceeding the customers expectations with a quality they can depend on’.

Watt Masters is licensed, bonded and insured in Arizona for low, medium, and high voltage construction and service which includes electrical and Solar Photovoltaic Energy. We install and wire Solar Panels in homes, commercial sites, industrial sites, microgrids, on rooftops, ground mount solar, canopy mount, solar carports, and remote off-grid solar locations as well. In addition, we provide expert electrical services for residential home owners as well as commercial service.

Our electrical roots go back to Germany in the early 1900’s, when my grandfather began wiring the first electrical systems into homes. His son, and my dad – Rolf Buehler – was raised in the trade and led to him starting the company up in Long Island, New York after immigrating to the United States in the 1950’s – a cliche American Dream story…

When not in school, I was on the job learning how to skillfully install and repair electrical in homes and buildings. Being a German immigrant, my dad installed a seriously strong work ethic in me, which continues to this day over 40 years later. If you have a time sensitive or complex project my team and I have the experience and the leadership skills to make your project successful in a timely manner.

In 1987, I followed our family’s move to Arizona and began working for some of the valley’s largest electrical contractors at 18 years old. I quickly advanced to leadership positions, which I credit to my family’s strong work ethic, training and experience. But it didn’t take long for the entrepreneurial DNA in my blood to begin an itch to start my own business. In August 1999 at the age of 29, I started Watt Masters.

We successfully completed our first Solar Project in 1999 at the East Mesa Library. We enjoyed that project so much, we decided to specialize in it. Several commercial and residential solar installs later, in 2010 we completed a 2.4 megawatt solar energy project, the largest commercial rooftop solar panel installation project in all of Arizona!

We successfully installed several solar panel systems throughout Arizona before most of our current day competitors even existed…this is why we are often called, “the senior solar guys of Arizona”. A good name, some great customers and years later we have installed well over 50,000 solar panels across Arizona with great success.

Since the early 2000’s, it is this longstanding solar experience, quality workmanship and rock solid integrity that has earned us the position of exclusive solar installer for Empire Caterpillar Solar sites all over Arizona. If a Billion-a-year revenue Fortune 500 company trusts us to wire their solar, how comfortable would you be knowing we installed solar on your home or business?

In addition to solar, throughout the years we’ve also kept busy wiring backup power generators, residential electrical service upgrades, tons of residential electrical service and commercial construction. Our dedication to quality work has led us to some great customers and some great projects.

It’s never been about the money for us, it’s about the satisfaction of a job well done. It never mattered if there was not enough money in the bid, or the project was taking longer than we expected. It has always been about getting every project completed with the satisfaction of knowing we did a great job and our customer was happy. We all get a great feeling when those solar panels look perfectly straight on your roof, and they were wired in the correct way according to local codes, and any roof penetrations are tight and sealed properly.

We don’t outsource our electricians or solar installers, all of our workers are employees here.

We only like to hire the type of people that would have a hard time sleeping at night if any of those things were performed incorrectly. Every employee is told that they need to love what they do. If they do not love what they do, they are not going to do a good job, and they are not welcome here.

At Watt Masters you can guarantee that every time you call you can expect that we will provide you with expert Solar and Electric services that you can depend on. As always, we stand behind our integrity and quality workmanship with our solid 100% guarantee of workmanship.

We believe that it is because of our good values, dedication to ensuring our customer’s concerns come first and quality workmanship that we have remained in business when most other companies sadly have not stood the tests of time. We are extremely grateful to you, and all of our loyal customers that have called us again and again over the years.

Thank you for considering us as your choice for a commercial and residential electrician, or seriously experienced solar installation company in Phoenix, AZ and all of the surrounding cities. We guarantee you will be happy when choosing us, and that you’ll be confident to refer us to your friends and family.”

All my best,

Tom Buehler – President, Watt Masters

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