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As our awareness of the environment continues to rise, more people are opting for zero-emission electric vehicles rather than their Earth-polluting gas or diesel-powered vehicles. Until recently, home charging was slow, and crowded public commercial EV stations were the norm. Now, with one of the best solar companies, Watt Masters in Phoenix, AZ, leading the charge, the installation of Level 2 EV charging stations has become a game-changer. With this upgrade, your charging time is reduced to just 4-6 hours, making the transition to electric vehicles smoother and more appealing. There’s no need for worry; you can confidently choose your new electric vehicle, knowing that our licensed, bonded, and insured EV installers in Phoenix will handle your EV charger installation safely and efficiently!

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular every day. People like them because…

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Why Choose Watt Masters for your Home EV Charger Installation?

Our expert team of EV charger installation specialists is dedicated to providing you with a complete solution for all of your home EV charging needs. We understand that every home is unique, and our services are tailored to ensure a safe installation with your home’s electrical system.

From the moment you reach out to us, our dedicated team takes the time to understand your specific requirements. We conduct a thorough assessment of your home’s electrical system, considering factors such as capacity and compatibility. This personalized approach ensures that the installed charger meets your needs efficiently.

Why Install a Home EV Charger?

Gain Peace of Mind

Ensure your vehicle is fully every day, providing you with the confidence to travel greater distances without worry.

Positive Local Impact

Charing your electric vehicle at home empowers you to be a force for good in the world by reducing your environmental impact.

Have Greater Control

By eliminating the hassle of searching for a charging station while on the go, you can focus on enjoying more of your life.

Affordable Solution

With Watt Masters, you get an Upfront Price that is clear, competitive and backed by quality workmanship built to last a lifetime.

Seamless Process from Assessment to Installation

From the initial assessment of your home’s electrical system to the final installation of your EV charger, we handle every step of the process. Our goal is to make electric vehicle charging at home a convenient and efficient experience.

Our experienced technicians follow a streamlined process to ensure a hassle-free installation. We take care of any necessary upgrades to your electrical system, ensuring it can handle the demands of your electric vehicle charger. The installation itself is done with precision, adhering to the highest safety standards.

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Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

Charging your electric vehicle at home comes with numerous benefits. Enjoy the convenience of having a fully charged vehicle each morning without the need to visit public charging stations. Our installation services empower you to take control of your electric vehicle charging, saving you time and providing peace of mind.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of finding a public charging station or waiting in line. With our home EV charger installation, you can conveniently charge your vehicle overnight, waking up to a fully charged battery every morning. This not only saves time but also ensures your vehicle is always ready for your daily adventures.

Expert Team for Your EV Charging Needs

Our team consists of skilled electricians with extensive experience in electric vehicle charger installation. We stay updated with the latest industry standards to ensure the safety and reliability of your home charging station.

Our commitment to excellence means you can trust our expert team to handle your EV charging needs. We not only install the charger but also provide guidance on its proper use and maintenance. You can count on Watt Masters for reliable and efficient home EV charger installation services in Phoenix, AZ & the surrounding cities.

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Make the switch to electric with confidence.

Contact us today to schedule your home EV charger installation and experience convenience and peace of mind with fast and safe home charging for your electric vehicles.

Types of Home EV Chargers​​

While most electric vehicles include a standard Level 1 charger for regular home outlets, their slow charging more than a day to fully charge. Level 2 EV charger installation is the standard, offering faster charging for our on-the-go lifestyles. These are the most common types of EV Chargers:

Level 1 EV Chargers use 110 volt electrical circuits

Level 1

Charge Time: 30+ Hours

Most electric vehicles include a standard Level 1 EV Charger for garage outlets, but they are slow, especially with a fully depleted battery.

Level 2 EV Chargers use 240 volt electrical circuits

Level 2

Charge Time: 3-6 Hours

Upgrade to a Level 2 EV charger for faster charging. Requires a 240-volt outlet, ideally installed by a licensed electrician.

Level 3 EV Chargers use 480 volt electrical circuits

Level 3

Charge Time: 30 Minutes

Also known as “DC Fast Charger,” we can install a Level 3 EV Charger at homes with sufficient power service, though it’s uncommon.

list of 2023 US federal ev tax credits and incentives

EV Charger Tax Credit

If you install a home EV charging station, you can get a 30% tax credit on hardware and installation costs (up to $1,000), thanks to the tax incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. Although this was extended to 2032, new legislation can change the policy at any time. So act quickly and save now get your EV charger installed today! 


The price of an electric car charging station varies. A Level 2 electric car charging station price typically ranges from $500 to $2,500, while a Level 3 electric car charging station, also known as a DC Fast Charger, can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 or more. Factors influencing the electric car charging station price include brand, power capacity, and installation requirements. It’s crucial to consider these factors to determine the most suitable charging station for your needs and budget.

Electric car charging station installation involves assessing your property’s electrical capacity, selecting a suitable charging station, and then wiring and mounting the unit. In some cases, new larger circuits will need to be ran from your electric panel to the charger location. In older homes, the whole electrical panel may need to be upgraded in order to accommodate the larger requirement of electricity. Watt Masters provides professional electric car charging station installation services throughout the entire valley of Phoenix, AZ, ensuring a safe and efficient setup for your home or business.

The duration for electric vehicle charger installation varies. On average, the process takes a few hours, but complexity and site conditions can impact the timeline. Our seasoned team at Watt Masters ensures efficient and prompt electric vehicle charger installations, making the switch to sustainable energy a seamless experience for our clients.

Installing an electric car charger at home is crucial for seamless daily charging. With our expertise in “electric car charger for home” installations, we ensure convenient, reliable, and efficient power-ups for your electric vehicle, eliminating the need for frequent public charging and providing the convenience of starting your day with a fully charged battery. Invest in the future of sustainable transportation with our tailored home EV charging solutions.

The cost to install an EV charger at home can vary depending on the type of charger and the complexity of the installation. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 and $2,000. This includes the price of the charger and the cost of professional installation. For a more accurate estimate, it’s best to get a quote from a local electrician.

Yes, it is safe to charge your EV in the rain. Home EV chargers are designed to be weatherproof and can handle wet conditions. However, it’s important to ensure that both the charger and the car’s charging port are in good condition and free from damage to prevent any issues.

Certainly! For Level 1 chargers, anyone can plug into a standard outlet. Yet, it’s wise to ensure the circuit can handle it to avoid issues like tripped breakers or potential fire hazards. However, for advanced setups, especially Level 2 or Level 3 chargers, it’s strongly advised to engage certified EV Charging Station Contractors to guarantee a safe and compliant installation.

Yes, it’s possible to install an EV charger in an older home, but the electrical capacity needs to be assessed. If the home has an outdated electrical system, an upgrade may be necessary to support the charging station. Our licensed, bonded and insured electricians can evaluate your electrical system and recommend any needed modifications or upgrades for a safe and efficient installation.

Yes, many regions offer incentives to encourage home EV charger installations. These incentives may include tax credits, rebates, or grants. The availability and terms of these incentives vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with local authorities or energy agencies for information on potential financial benefits.

Certainly, you can charge a Tesla at home using a regular outlet with the Tesla Mobile Connector. However, it’s important to note that the charging speeds on a standard 110-volt outlet are relatively slow (Tesla states around “3mph”). For faster charging, the Tesla Mobile Connector can also be used with a 240-volt outlet, boosting the speed up to 10 times faster. Additionally, Tesla offers the Wall Connector, which requires a 240-volt connection and is 150% faster than even the fastest speed of the Mobile Connector. More details about Tesla charging at home, including optimal setups and speeds, can be found on our dedicated “Tesla Charger Installation” page.

No, WattMasters also provide services like solar installer in phoenixCommercial solar installer and many more.

Yes, you can use a regular outlet to charge your EV, but it will be much slower. This type of charging is called Level 1 charging and uses a standard household outlet (120V). It’s suitable for overnight charging if you don’t drive a lot each day. However, for faster charging, a Level 2 charger is recommended.

The time it takes to charge an EV at home depends on the type of charger you use. With a Level 1 charger, it can take 12-24 hours to fully charge your vehicle. A Level 2 charger is much faster, typically taking about 4-6 hours to fully charge an EV. The exact time will depend on your car’s battery size and the charger’s power output.

Make the switch to electric with confidence.

Contact us today to schedule your home EV charger installation and experience convenience and peace of mind with fast and safe home charging for your electric vehicles.