Solar Installation
Made Super Easy.

Install Solar Energy to Experience
Free Electricity for Up to 30 Years!

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Residential Solar Installation

Want your home to generate electrical energy for free for up to 30 years? Schedule a time with Watt Masters!

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Commercial Solar Installation

Does your business or commercial facility need to cut long-term energy costs? Work with Watt Masters to make this possible.

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Why Work With Watt Masters?

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    The Senior Solar Guys of Scottsdale
    With over 20 years of experience in solar installation Scottsdale and other surrounding Phoenix cities, we were here before it was cool
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    Great Reviews & References

    You’ll find plenty of testimonials and people to call who love our work!
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    No Nickel and Diming
    You’ll find plenty of testimonials and people to call who love our work
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    Free Electricity for 30 Years
    Work with us to find out if you can receive free electricity for up to 30 years.
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    Show That You Care About the Earth
    Don’t want to be part of the carbon emission problem? We’ll help make your dream a reality.

General Electrician Service

Have any other electrical problems with your home or business? Watt Masters also runs service calls and large projects for electrical work.

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Residential Replacement & Service Upgrades

Was your solar panel poorly installed? Work with
Watt Masters to make it right again

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Commercial Solar Repair & Replacement

Has your business or facility not been seeing the cost savings you
anticipating with solar? It’s time we showed you how it’s done!

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