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Why Watt Masters?

When hiring a contractor for Residential or Commercial Solar Installation or EV Charger Installation, you need an experienced team that you can depend on.

4 generations ago in the early 1900's, our great grandfather was installing the first electrical systems in homes across Germany. Each generation has instilled upon the next: a strong work ethic and quality workmanship to "exceed our customer's expectations with a quality they can depend on." Over 100 years later, our local family-owned company has remained one of the best commercial and residential solar installation companies in Arizona.

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Since the early 1900s, our unwavering values have remained the same: "Exceeding our customers' expectations with a quality they can depend on." Nothing pleases us more than a job well done.

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Rated "Best solar companies in phoenix"

Since our start in 1999, Watt Masters has remained a Top-Rated Solar Installer in Phoenix, AZ.

At Watt Masters, we’re more than just another name in the Arizona solar business; we’re a shining example in the field, held in high regard in Phoenix, Arizona, in particular, for our dedication to solar energy. As one of the best solar companies in Arizona, we have dedicated ourselves to providing superior solar installation services since 1999. Our path is based on a century-old heritage of innovation, quality, and unwavering dedication to going above and beyond for our clients. Being a family-run company with strong traditions, we personalize each solar panel installation, ensuring we become partners in your sustainable energy journey rather than merely service providers.

With a wide range of services that set us apart from other solar companies in Phoenix and beyond, we take pride in being recognized as one of the best solar installers near me. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial solar solutions, enabling everyone to have access to and afford solar energy. Thousands of successful installations have cemented our status as one of the top solar companies in AZ, a testament to our dependability, quality, and the trust our customers have placed in us. When you choose Watt Masters for your solar needs, you’re not just selecting a solar installer; you’re partnering with a team that’s committed to delivering high-quality solar installations with a personalized touch, guaranteeing your satisfaction and a brighter, more environmentally friendly future for everyone.

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Services Provided valleywide

Phoenix, AZ

Solar installer in Phoenix

In the heart of Arizona, Phoenix stands as a beacon for solar energy potential, thanks to its abundant sunshine year-round. Wattmasters is at the forefront, offering top-tier solar installation services that not only harness this natural resource but also contribute to a sustainable future. Our expertise ensures that homes and businesses in Phoenix can maximize their energy efficiency and enjoy significant savings. Check our Solar installer phoenix Services.

Paradise Valley

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Paradise Valley, solar energy solutions by Wattmasters blend seamlessly with the area’s commitment to beauty and sustainability. Our solar installations are designed to complement your property’s aesthetics while providing a renewable energy source that reduces your carbon footprint and energy bills. Check our Solar installer Paradise Valley Services.


Scottsdale’s vibrant community and sunny climate make it an ideal location for solar energy systems. Wattmasters provides customized solar solutions that cater to the unique needs of Scottsdale residents, ensuring that your transition to solar is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your lifestyle. Check our Solar installer Scottsdale services.

Fountain Hills

In Fountain Hills, where the natural environment is cherished, solar installations by Wattmasters offer a way to preserve the beauty of the area while embracing modern energy solutions. Our solar systems are engineered to provide reliable. Check our solar installer Fountain Hills Services.

Cave Creek

Cave Creek’s unique blend of desert landscapes and community spirit makes it a prime candidate for solar energy. Wattmasters offers specialized solar installation services here, ensuring that every system captures the essence of Cave Creek’s natural beauty and sustainability ethos. Check Solar installer Cave Creek’s services.


In the dynamic community of Anthem, solar power represents more than just energy savings; it’s a commitment to a greener future. Wattmasters is proud to lead this charge, providing Anthem residents with state-of-the-art solar installations that promise efficiency and reliability. Check our solar installer Anthem Services.

New River

The serene and picturesque area of New River is an ideal backdrop for solar installations. Wattmasters leverages the abundant sunlight in New River to offer solar solutions that not only meet the energy needs of its residents but also contribute to preserving the area’s natural charm. Check our Solar installer New River Services.


Glendale’s thriving neighborhoods and businesses stand to benefit greatly from solar energy. Wattmasters brings cutting-edge solar technology to Glendale, offering custom installations that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, ensuring a sustainable energy future. Check our Solar installer Glendale services.


In Peoria, where community and innovation thrive, Wattmasters delivers solar installation services that reflect the city’s forward-thinking approach. Our solar solutions in Peoria are designed to be as dynamic and resilient as the community itself, offering sustainable energy for generations. Check our Solar installer Peoria Services.

Sun City

Sun City’s active and vibrant lifestyle is perfectly complemented by the clean, renewable energy provided by solar installations. Wattmasters specializes in creating solar systems that fit the unique needs of Sun City residents, enhancing their quality of life while reducing energy costs. Check our Solar installer Sun City services.


Surprise’s rapid growth and sunny climate make it an ideal location for solar energy adoption. Wattmasters is at the forefront, offering tailored solar installation services that cater to the evolving needs of Surprise’s residents and businesses, ensuring a brighter, sustainable future. Check our Solar installer Surprise services.


Tempe’s blend of cultural richness and innovation makes it a hotspot for solar energy solutions. Wattmasters provides Tempe with advanced solar installations that not only meet the city’s energy demands but also contribute to its green initiatives, promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Check our Solar installer Tempe services.


Mesa’s commitment to sustainability is matched by Wattmasters’ dedication to providing top-notch solar installations. Our services in Mesa are designed to harness the abundant Arizona sunshine, transforming it into clean, efficient energy for homes and businesses alike. Check our Solar installer Mesa services


Gilbert’s family-friendly atmosphere and focus on sustainability make it a perfect match for solar energy solutions. Wattmasters offers Gilbert residents customized solar installations that are not only efficient and reliable but also contribute to the town’s green vision. Check our Solar installer Gilbert Services.


Chandler’s tech-savvy community and sunny weather present an ideal opportunity for solar energy. Wattmasters delivers expert solar installation services in Chandler, ensuring that every system is optimized for maximum efficiency and sustainability. Check our Solar installer Chandler services.


Ahwatukee’s unique character and commitment to quality living are enhanced by the adoption of solar energy. Wattmasters provides Ahwatukee with solar installations that are not only tailored to the community’s needs but also align with its environmental values. check our Solar installer Ahwatukee services.


In Goodyear, where innovation and growth are paramount, solar installations by Wattmasters represent a step towards a sustainable future. Our solar solutions in Goodyear are designed to meet the high standards of the community, offering reliable and clean energy. Check our Solar installer Goodyear services.


Tolleson’s close-knit community and industrial spirit make it a prime location for solar energy solutions. Wattmasters is dedicated to providing Tolleson with solar installations that not only power homes and businesses but also contribute to the city’s sustainability goals. Check our Solar installer Tolleson services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial solar installation can significantly reduce energy costs, provide a sustainable image, and may lead to tax incentives, enhancing the bottom line.  Learn more in the following blogs:

Solar companies offer comprehensive services, including site assessment, system design, commercial solar panel installation, and ongoing maintenance for commercial solar and EV charger installations.

Yes, businesses can benefit from various incentives, such as solar tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and other financial incentives that make commercial solar a smart investment.

Solar panel installation times vary based on project size. Generally, a commercial solar installation in Phoenix, AZ can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on complexity.

Absolutely. Some solar companies in Phoenix offer expertise in both commercial solar and EV charger installation in Phoenix, providing an integrated sustainable energy solution. It only makes sense as both are contributing solutions to a more “green” environment. Watt Masters has a ton of experience in both.

Commercial properties with solar installations often see increased property value. The eco-friendly image and potential for reduced operating costs make them attractive to buyers and tenants.

Not only is it feasible, it’s recommended! Combining solar and EV charging stations enhances the sustainability profile of a business, attracting environmentally conscious customers and employees.

Solar companies often provide monitoring solutions, allowing businesses to track energy production, detect issues, and ensure optimal system performance.

Some solar installers in Phoenix offer routine maintenance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of commercial solar systems, including cleaning, inspections, and necessary repairs.

Yes, businesses can often take advantage of tax incentives for both solar and EV charger installations, maximizing the financial benefits of sustainable initiatives.

To learn more about federal and state tax incentives, check out these blogs:

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