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Watt Masters, the trusted leader in commercial solar since 1999.

"With Watt Masters, we have performed solar installations from 5kw to 2.4mw (24 panels to 8,000). The work is fully understood, the effort, material and equipment thoroughly known and the quality and pace will meet or exceed that of the most costly electrical contractors. Empire has awarded $3mil+ of work to them and plan to maintain this successful relationship for years to come."
- Don Herman, Project Manager, Empire Renewable Energy

There are countless reasons why installing solar for your business is a smart investment. Here are a few benefits our commercial customers enjoy:

wiring electrical for macys rooftop solar panel installation

But choosing a commercial solar company that you can trust isn't easy... Watt Masters longtime experience & seasoned team makes it easy.

  • Installing solar since 1999, before most competitors existed!
  • Longstanding primary installer for $billion/year Fortune 500 company
  • Successfully wired & installed Arizona's largest commercial rooftop solar panel system
  • Solid seasoned team of our own in-house experienced installers, & trusted advisors & engineers
  • Wide range of capabilities including rooftop, ground mount, carports, generator backup & more
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A few of our commercial solar installation customers include:

solar panels at arizona humane society
caterpillar solar sites wired and installed by watt masters
honeywell solar panels installed by watt masters
solar panels installed for lutheran church of the risen savior
solar panels installed for fort mcdowell
davita solar power by watt masters
city of scottsdale had solar installed by watt masters
solar panels installed for city of scottsdale fire department
sunstate builders solar contractor
tyco simplex grinnell solar installation
solar installed for city of scottsdale police
solar install at arizona state university
empire caterpillar solar panel installation contractor
solar installed for arizona national guard
case studies

Notable Projects

2.2 Megawatt Warehouse

Empire East Parking 1MW

commercial solar installation

Cowley Warehouse 2.7 MW

Please contact us for more details.

power producing car protection

Solar Panel Carports

Solar carports Solar carports stand out as a remarkable investment for a multitude of reasons. Customers appreciate the dual benefits of shade and protection provided by these structures, which also signal support for environmentally conscious business practices. This positive perception is invaluable. On the flip side, business owners are drawn to the efficient and aesthetically pleasing utilization of their premises that solar carports offer, coupled with the advantage of generating free electricity. The inclusion of commercial solar installation near me in this context amplifies the appeal, merging practicality with environmental stewardship in a way that resonates with both customers and business proprietors alike.

campground solar panel awning
commercial generator installation in phoenix az
keep your business running

Standby Power Generator Backup

A power outage can cost you A LOT. Unsafe for employees & customers, and devastating to product loss or technology outage. Watt Masters is an experienced and dependable commercial generator installation company in Arizona since 1999. As Authorized Dealers & Installers for Generac & Caterpillar generators, your power will be returned within seconds, keeping your business humming right along safely & efficiently.

Experience you can trust - Service all across Arizona

Commercial Solar Installers in Phoenix AZ

Since 1999, Tom Buehler and his in-house team at Watt Masters have overseen and provided commercial solar installation of well over 20 megawatts of various types of Photovoltaic systems throughout the state of Arizona including large warehouses, large parking structures, ground-mount tracking systems, and fixed ground-mount solar panel systems.

Several years ago, they also oversaw the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Department of CEC, LLC, providing comprehensive maintenance and repair services for a wide array of solar panel / PV Systems. Their portfolio included significant projects like all of Arizona State University’s solar installations, the Frito Lay Casa Grande PV Plant, Sundials PV Plants, and solar systems at at least thirty schools spread across northern, southern, and central Arizona. Currently, Tom Buehler is licensed under a CR-11 and A-17 in the State of Arizona, with a specialized focus on Commercial Solar Installation.

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In the heart of Arizona, the sun isn’t merely a source of illumination but a renewable dynamo,

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial solar panels are photovoltaic devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They work by using semiconductor materials to capture photons from sunlight, generating direct current (DC) electricity, which is then converted into usable alternating current (AC) electricity through an inverter for commercial use.

Commercial solar panels can benefit your business financially by reducing energy costs, providing potential tax incentives and rebates, offering opportunities for selling excess energy back to the grid, and improving your business’s environmental reputation, which can attract customers and investors.

The cost of commercial solar panel installations can be influenced by factors like system size, location, technology used, installation complexity, permitting fees, and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Yes, most commercial solar panels come with warranties, typically ranging from 10 to 25 years, ensuring their performance and durability. Inverters and other components may also have separate warranties. Be sure to review the specific warranty terms provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, you may need to obtain permits and comply with local regulations when installing commercial solar panels. These requirements can vary by location, so it’s essential to research and ensure full compliance to avoid potential issues.

You can monitor the performance of your commercial solar panels through the use of monitoring systems that come with many solar installations. These systems provide real-time data on energy production, allowing you to track efficiency and detect any issues promptly.

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