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Tesla Charging at Home Made Effortless.

Welcome to Watt Masters, one of Phoenix AZ’s most experienced electricians, and your trusted partner for Tesla charger installation services in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities. There’s nothing better than resting peacefully at night knowing that your Tesla charging at home is safe, and your Tesla wall connector was installed correctly and to code.

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Why Install a Tesla Charger at Home?

Convenience: Install an EV charger at home to charge your Tesla overnight, avoiding public stations and always having a ready-to-go car.
Speed: Tesla Wall Connectors charge faster than standard outlets. An EV charger installation means less waiting and more driving with an EV charger install.
Cost-effective: Home charging is cheaper than public stations. EV charger installation at home saves money, especially with lower off-peak rates.
Peace of Mind: Charging at home is safe and secure. A professional EV charger installer ensures correct installation, with EV charging installation near me for local support.

A Tailored Experience

Discover the convenience of Tesla charging at home with our specialized installation services. Whether you opt for the Tesla Wall Connector or the Universal Wall Connector, we tailor our approach to your specific needs. Our experts handle the entire process, from assessing your electrical infrastructure compatibility to executing a flawless installation.

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The Convenience of Tesla Charging at Home

Imagine waking up to a fully charged Tesla every morning. With our expert installation services, you can enjoy the luxury of Tesla charging at home. We prioritize convenience, assessing your home layout to determine the optimal placement for your Tesla Wall Connector or Universal Wall Connector.

Embrace Sustainable Living

Beyond the practical advantages, Tesla charging at home aligns with a sustainable lifestyle. By choosing electric vehicles and home charging solutions, you contribute to a greener environment. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every installation, ensuring eco-friendly practices throughout the process.

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Hassle-Free Installation Process

Experience a hassle-free installation process with our dedicated team at Watt Masters. We take care of every detail, from obtaining necessary permits to executing the installation with precision. Our streamlined process is designed to minimize disruption, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Tesla charging at home sooner than you think. Trust us to handle the technicalities while you focus on what matters most.

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What to Avoid During Installation

Common Mistakes

DIY Installations: One of the biggest mistakes is attempting a DIY installation. This poses significant risks and potential hazards. Professional ev charger installation is crucial to ensure safety and compliance. While it might seem tempting to install ev charger at home yourself, it’s best left to experts.

Choosing an Inappropriate Location: Selecting the wrong location for your charger can lead to accessibility and safety issues. It’s important to choose a spot that is both convenient and safe. Professional guidance can help you with the best ev charger install location, ensuring a smooth ev charging installation process.

Ignoring Permit Requirements: Overlooking the need for permits can lead to legal and safety complications. Before you proceed, make sure to understand and obtain the necessary permits. If you’re wondering, “do you need permit to install ev charger?”, the answer is often yes, and your installer can assist with this process. For those seeking ev charger installation near me, a professional installer will handle all the permit requirements for you.

Tips for a Smooth Installation

Planning Ahead: Schedule installations during off-peak times to avoid inconveniences. This ensures that the work can be completed efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

Clear Communication with Your Installer: Keep open lines of communication with your installer. Discuss your preferences and concerns to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Regular Maintenance Checks: Regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure safety and efficiency. Make sure to schedule periodic inspections to keep your charging system in top condition.

Types of Tesla Home Chargers

Charging your Tesla at home offers convenience and affordability. Installing a Tesla home charger enables you to effortlessly connect to power in your usual parking spot, taking advantage of lower utility rates during off-peak periods. even if you live in areas like residential ev charger installation Irondequoit NY Tesla offers 3 different home chargers:

Mobile Connector

Charge Time: 3-30 mph

Versatile and convenient, the Mobile Connector allows you to charge your Tesla at varying speeds depending on if you are using a standard 110v outlet or a 240v outlet on a dedicated circuit.

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Wall Connector

Charge Time: 44 mph

Ideal for home charging, the Tesla Wall Connector provides faster speeds and dedicated support, including Wi-Fi-enabled features and over-the-air updates for continuous improvement.

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Universal Wall Connector

Charge Time: 44 mph

Compatible with other electric vehicles, the Universal Wall Connector offers flexibility and efficiency for your all of your home EV charging needs.

Get your Tesla Home Charger Installed With Confidence & Peace of Mind.

Contact us today to schedule your home Tesla charger installation and experience convenience and peace of mind with fast, safe & friendly service, and quality workmanship built to last a lifetime.


Our experienced team usually completes Tesla charger installations within a few hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

Tesla home chargers typically operate on a 240V circuit, while Superchargers require higher voltages for rapid charging. That said, the Tesla Mobile Connector does has the ability to plug into a standard 110 volt outlet, but you will quickly want to upgrade if you choose this option as the charging time is very slow at only 4 miles of added range per hour (taking nearly 4 days to fully charge your Tesla’s battery.)

The Tesla Wall Connector is specifically designed for Tesla vehicles. For other makes of EVs, the Tesla Universal Wall Connector can be used.

Tesla chargers are designed for minimal maintenance. Regular visual inspections are recommended, and our team can provide ongoing support for any questions you have.

Professional installation is strongly recommended for safety and compliance. Attempting to install the charger yourself can lead to significant risks and potential hazards. Leave it to the experts to ensure everything is done correctly.

Charging speed depends on the type of charger. Wall Connectors offers 1,100% faster charging speeds compared to the Mobile Connector (44 miles per hour vs. 4 mph).

Yes, Tesla chargers are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, offering flexibility for your home EV charging station. They can be mounted on a wall, or even mounted on a pedestal with the circuits running underground to your electrical panel.

Consider your electrical infrastructure, installation location, and desired charging speed when planning for a Tesla home charger.

Tesla Superchargers may incur a cost, depending on your vehicle model and location. Check the Tesla app for details.

No, WattMasters also provide services like solar installer in phoenix, Commercial solar installer and many more.

Typically, the installation takes a few hours, but the exact time can vary based on the complexity of your electrical setup and the type of charger being installed.

• Yes, permits are generally required for EV charger installations. If you’re wondering, “do you need permit to install ev charger?”, the answer is yes. Your installer can help with this process and ensure all legal requirements are met. For those looking for ev charger installation near me, a professional installer will handle all the necessary permits for you.

Get your Tesla Home Charger Installed With Confidence & Peace of Mind.

Contact us today to schedule your home Tesla charger installation and experience convenience and peace of mind with fast, safe & friendly service, and quality workmanship built to last a lifetime.