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Battery Backup Storage

Save the most with battery storage solutions!

Power outages are never convenient. In some cases, they can be outright devastating…

Install peace of mind with Battery Backup for your home or business.

save more power and more money

What is battery backup storage?

Simply put, solar batteries store energy for later use.
On-demand backup electricity, even in a power outage.
Free electric, even when the sun goes down.
Peace of mind and a happy wallet.


Why install solar battery storage?

Solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity for free. During the sunny hours of the day, your solar panels often generate more than you can use, with most solar panel systems, this extra electricity goes to waste. Not only is that wasteful, but it’s a problem for those who use more electricity in the evening hours (any 9-5’ers out there??). So what’s the solution?

With solar battery backup, you are now able to store the unused electricity for use in the evening hours, or in the event of a blackout, power outage or grid failure (believe it or not, this is becoming a “new normal” throughout the US)!

As I’m sure you can now see, battery backup is a great investment that will give you peace of mind and greater financial savings.

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The 2 most common reasons why people add battery backup to their homes & businesses:

  • Solar battery backup ensures you remain powered up 24/7. If the power goes out, your batteries instantly turn on giving you an uninterruptible power supply. This is especially important for those with sensitive medical equipment, those who work from home, or simply for those who don’t want perishables to go bad should an outage occur.
  • For those wanting to save the most money, solar batteries store the extra power that your solar panels produce thus allowing you to draw from your own free electricity throughout the night rather than having to pay for expensive electricity from the grid.

Battery backup tailored to your needs

No two homes or businesses have the same needs. Forget the cookie-cutter packages that most companies offer, if you want true peace of mind you need to ensure that all of your personal needs are met.

We will perform a thorough evaluation of your current power usage needs – from lights, refrigerators, cooking appliances, heating and cooling, to sensitive medical devices and even work from home equipment.  We will also walk you through the various options available in order to find the best solution to meet your needs and budget.

Solar Tax Credit

For a limited time, save even more money with Battery Storage Tax Incentives!
Save an additional 26% with the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. But don’t delay, the program ends December 31st, 2022!

Solar batteries have always been a great investment, but in recent years the cost has gone down by 90%! Combine that with available tax incentives, and it’s clear to see that NOW is the best time to add battery backup to your solar panel installation!

Commonly Asked Questions about Battery Backup

The short answer is, it depends. The quick answer is, battery backup is the better option. The main reasons why battery backup is superior include: greater savings long-term, much quieter operation, less space utilized, more reliable, and more eco-friendly.

Now. It will cost you much less money and a lot less hassle to install them with a new solar panel system than to add them on later. This comes down to the design of the solar panel system, equipment combinations etc. Plus, you can combine these into your solar tax credit savings to save even more money now!

The life span of your batteries will depend on the brand used, how often they are used and fully drained and recharged, and also the climate of where they are stored. That said, most lithium based solar panel batteries have a lifespan of around 15 years.

The main determinants here are how much power you're looking to store and consume, and how many you have installed with your solar panel system.  A Watt Masters expert can help you evaluate your power needs, and lngth

Yes! This would be a feature of the batteries called “islanding”.

No. Because the batteries are storing unused energy that is being produced from your solar panels, at night when the sun is not up, your solar panels will not be generating energy, therefore, 

No. Your solar panels use the sunlight during the day to produce electricity, and your batteries are charged with the extra energy that you don't use in your home or business. Therefore, at night when your panels aren't producing electricity, your batteries will not charge.

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