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Are Solar Panels Worth It In Phoenix?

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There is an abundance of reasons why solar panels are indeed worthwhile in Phoenix and in many other places around the United States. In this post, we will provide you with some of the advantages of installing residential solar panels so that you can forge your own answer to the question, “Are solar panels worth it in Phoenix?”

Most likely, you’ve driven down the road and observed an increase in the number of homes with black and blue rectangular devices mounted to the roof…

Those Phoenix homeowners love the ability to save money on power bills and have greater control over rising utility rates. After all, they are generating their own electricity that can be used to power anything that operates on electricity at their homes.

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Solar panels enable you to generate your own FREE electricity

If you’re like most people, you bought your home to avoid paying rent, to have a place you can make a home, and to have an asset that can increase in value over time. We aim to encourage you to own your energy instead of renting it from the local power provider based on the same principle. Furthermore, installing solar panels increases the value of your home!

Solar energy allows you to purchase less power from the grid. That is, you pay the local power provider less since you consume less of their electricity. How solar panels work, is they capture sunlight and transport it into the residence for usage as power. In a best-case scenario, your electricity is completely free even during the dark hours of the evening, which depends on your system size and if you’ve installed solar battery backup.

Consider your electric costs from the prior summer. The huge and powerful Phoenix sun emits a lot of heat during the summer, so you may easily have spent $300, $400, or even $500 on electricity bills from running your air conditioning to keep your house cool.

If we estimate a $300 monthly power bill, it amounts to $3,600 in annual power costs, $18,000 in five years, $36,000 in ten years, and a shocking $72,000 in twenty-five years. That’s a lot of cash! What could you do with an extra $200-500 per month, or $72,000+ ???  10 years comes and goes before we know it.

Considering those numbers, I think you might be starting to see that the answer to “are solar panels worth it in Phoenix?” is becoming increasingly more a resounding “YES!”

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Solar panels can save you A LOT of money!

Consider how much cheaper the same electricity costs would be if a set of solar panels were placed on the roof. You may pay $1,800 for a year of electricity instead of $3,600 and save $1,800. Isn’t it lovely?

Instead of paying $72k on power over 25 years, you could spend just $36k and pocket the other $36k in savings due to solar.

Or again, if your solar panel system is built large enough, and you install home solar backup batteries for your home, you can kiss that electricity cost goodbye because you’ll be completely self-reliant! That’s a $72,000 savings!

Furthermore, if you produce more electricity than you use, you can sell it back to the power company – this is called net-metering. You can actually produce an extra side income this way! That makes are solar panels worth it in Phoenix an obvious and exciting decision to make!

Rebates and incentives for solar power

If saving money wasn’t enough to persuade you to go solar, you should know that many Phoenix power providers will pay you to install solar on your home!

In addition to the federal solar tax credit, Arizona solar rebates and incentives are available from APS & SRP – often up to 25% of the cost. This service is available in Arizona for homeowners in their respective service regions.

Are solar panels worth it in Phoenix? Yes, our incentives are great and much better than many other states! You might get up to $25k in rebates to help with the expense of going solar! The hitch is that many of these rebate initiatives are limited in money and are structured to shrink over time, so those who apply first receive the greatest refunds.

With the Federal solar tax credit, you can get back an additional 26% if you install residential solar panels on your home or business by the end of 2022. So do not delay!! Get a free quote for home solar today.

details of federal tax credits for solar panel installation amounts explained in graphic

Solar panel installation has environmental benefits

In addition to financial savings and subsidies, adopting solar helps you reduce your carbon footprint, which has a good environmental impact. As citizens of Earth, it is our responsibility to enjoy this beautiful planet we are blessed to live on, and also to do our best to preserve it for the next generation. 

Solar energy emits no carbon dioxide or other damaging greenhouse gasses, and it uses almost little water (aside from any used in the cleaning of the solar panels).

Unlike traditional energy sources that come from dangerous power plants or are produced by burning coal or extracting oil, all of which are damaging to the environment and the soil. Let’s not even touch on fracking which has become increasingly popular over recent years and can be very damaging to the soil as well as any life nearby.

With solar, you’re soaking in free beautiful unending sunshine, completely natural and abundant. Zero emissions, zero radiation or off-gassing. Safe for your home and family.

SunShot Initiative for solar environmental benefits

Solar panels raise the value of a home

Another benefit of going solar is that the value of your property will increase. According to Department of Energy researchers, they have found that adding a new set of solar panels increases the value of a home by $15,000 on average or about 4-7% in most cases.

More than one million solar power systems have been installed throughout the United States, helping homeowners save money and increase their home’s market value!  But this is still less than 15% of homes in the USA! 

And solar panels just seem to make people happy! We can’t help but notice how happy our customers are after switching to solar electricity. Knowing that they are saving money, helping the environment, and contributing towards a brighter future makes a person feel really good inside 🙂

Check out our Residential Solar Panel Installation in Phoenix page, read more tips on solar on our blog, and read some of our solar company reviews if you’d like to know more about us and how we can help you to have that good feeling inside, too 🙂

Are solar panels worth it in Phoenix?

In conclusion,

with everything discussed above, it should be clear to you now that solar panels are well worth the investment in Phoenix! Next time you wonder, “are solar panels worth it in Phoenix?”, you can answer with a resounding “YES!” By reducing your carbon footprint and utilizing clean, renewable energy generated by the sun, you can save money, raise the value of your property, and have a beneficial impact on the environment.

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