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Best Solar Installers Near Me in Phoenix Arizona – What to look for

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After much consideration, you’ve chosen to go ahead and install solar panels for your home. Residential solar panel installers must be capable of providing you with the products and services you want, as well as great customer service throughout the process, and financing options to suit your budget. A common question we get from homeowners is, “How can I find the best solar installers near me?”.

It turns out that finding the “best solar installers near me” might be difficult if you don’t have a reliable referral for your home solar installation, such as Watt Masters. 

When looking for the “best solar installers near me in Phoenix,” there are several things to look for. Let’s go through each of these needs one by one and see how they may help you discover the best solar installers for you and your home!

What to Look for When Searching for "Best Solar Installers Near Me"

Top Quality Components

Finding a solar panel installation company that uses top quality solar panel components is a must in our opinion. From racking to wiring, roof sealants to connectors. The last thing you want is a leaking roof, a solar panel failing a few months in, or worse – a panel blowing off of your roof from a strong gust of wind!  When interviewing the top solar panel installers in Phoenix, be sure to inquire about what brands of components they use, then look up reviews online about them to ensure you are comfortable with their reputation!

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Solar Panel Brands

What brand of solar panels do they recommend? Do they carry a variety of brands, such as Sunpower or LG? Is it possible to get solar backup batteries from them?

There are several distinctions among solar panel manufacturers. Some companies offer high-end solar panels, while others provide low-cost solar panels. There might also be significant differences in quality across models made by the same brand. Some of the best residential solar panels to choose from are LG and SunPower (video below!).

As consumers, we always appreciate options, but be sure they install only the best to ensure a high performance system that last a lifetime. That’s the Watt Masters way – we install solar that is built to last a lifetime! 

Provided Services

Another question we often get from our home solar customers is, “Can you tell me what services the best solar companies in Phoenix should provide?” The answer is that we always favor solar contractors who both sell AND install solar equipment since this allows homeowners to deal with only one company rather than two. This guarantees that the installer is well informed about the items they’re installing, giving you confidence that the work will be done properly.

We’re also going to recommend here that you choose a company that is not only experienced in solar, but are also very experienced residential electricians in Phoenix, too!! A solid understanding of how electricity works is essential for a safe solar installation. The last thing you want is a quick solar job by a fly-by-night solar contractor which turns into an electrical fire months or even days later!

Lots of Experience with Solar Customers

When it comes to client satisfaction, how do you know you’ve found the “best solar installers near me in Phoenix“? We suggest going with a firm with a lot of expertise! There are lots of moving parts and stages to install home solar, so be sure to choose a solar contractor with a LOT of experience. At Watt Masters, we’ve installed over 50,000 solar panels, and we were installing solar in Phoenix and all across Arizona long before most of our current day competitors even existed! Always check to see whether your phoenix solar installation company is licensed, bonded and insured; they’ve completed rigorous training; and meet or exceed national criteria for installers are accredited by the NABCEP.

Warranties on Solar Installation

You should also look for organizations that provide solid warranties to back up their services. Your solar panel manufacturer will give both performance and equipment warranties, assuring that your system will run well for at least a decade. Choosing a solar panel installer that gives a workmanship guarantee is important for searching for the top solar panel installers near me. This will guarantee that your installation stands behind its work and is prepared to solve any potential issues. At Watt Masters, we only provide quality workmanship that is built to last a lifetime!

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Plans for Funding

There are three major ways to pay for a home solar panel system:

  1. You may pay cash for everything
  2. take out a solar loan
  3. or sign a solar lease (also known as a power purchase agreement).

Solar loans and leases are quite similar, with the distinction that with a solar loan, you own your solar array, but with a solar lease, you rent the system.

Personally, we recommend financing your solar panel install or paying for it upfront in cash. It is better to own your system, then possibly lose it after a lease is up…

A reputable “solar company provider near me” should be able to provide financing choices, allowing for the highest degree of personalization.

Check out this other article of ours if you’re asking yourself, “how much do solar panels cost?”

Service Areas

Where can I find the finest solar contractors in my area? Is it better to choose a small local firm or a huge national firm? Each choice has its pros and cons. A local business may be better familiar with your area’s applicable incentives and approvals than a national or international one. On the other hand, a big national installer may have preset packages they are familiar with which can ensure a smooth install.

We recommend a local small business solar panel installer. For one, we believe in supporting our local economy and the small businesses that make it a better place to live! For two, a local business will often have more wisdom about which equipment performs best in your local climate. Watt Masters is one of the first and best residential solar installation companies in Phoenix!

Final Thoughts on the search for the "Best Solar Installers Near Me"

As you can see, the solution is multi-layered and far from straightforward. When you discover a home solar contractor that offers the goods and services you desire, gives a wonderful customer experience and can assist you with warranties and financing options, you’ll know you’ve found the appropriate solar installer for your house. 

With our blend of local knowledge and Arizona statewide solar experience, we think Watt Masters provides homeowners with the best of both worlds. Our motto has always been, “exceeding our customers expectations with a quality they can depend on”, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide!

If you’d like a free solar consultation, we would love to speak with you over the phone or come to your house and assess its potential for a solar power installation. Give us a call at (602) 485-7901, and one of our staff will assist you in finding answers to any questions you may have. Or click here to head to our contact page with other ways to reach us.


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