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What is a Solar Carport?

solar carport structure for apartments

A solar carport is a covered parking structure that is topped with solar photovoltaic panels which offers protection for the vehicles below while also producing free electricity from our sun thus significantly reducing or even eliminating your electrical costs!

Solar carports are essentially ground-mounted solar panels installed on top of a custom-built carport structure with enough clearance for vehicles to park below.

There are several benefits of solar carports. In comparison to traditional rooftop solar panels, they are easier to maintain and offer greater flexibility to maximize power generation, reduce carbon offsets, and increase your monthly savings. With a rooftop solar panel system, there are many factors to consider such as your roof’s size, shape and slope – or lack thereof.  A solar carport does not have some of those same challenges, and can be designed and built to really maximize power production.

solar carport structure for apartments

In the photo above, you’ll see a solar carport for apartments that the Watt Masters crew pulled off flawlessly! The owners of the apartment complex love the amount of electricity and money it’s saving them, and the residents love the protection their vehicles receive, plus they feel they’re “doing their part” to contribute towards helping the environment by choosing to live here! Everybody feels good about it, the way it should be.

Solar carports are a very smart choice for reducing your energy costs and protecting the vehicles below. Over the last 20 years, we have successfully installed many solar carport  structures and therefore would love to share with you here what we’ve learned so that you can determine if this is an option worth considering for your home or business.

At Watt Masters, our solar panel carport structures are always designed and quality built with reliability, longevity and maximum power savings in mind.

So where can a solar carport structure be installed?

Solar carports for commercial parking lots are most common, and are a very wise business investment! As a responsible, conscious business owner, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our overhead costs, contribute to improving our communities and environment, and ultimately best utilize and invest into the property we have in order to increase it’s value. Commercial solar carports are a phenomenal solution to all of these goals.

At Watt Masters, we’ve successfully installed several commercial solar carport structures over the years, and we’d be happy to share our wisdom with you as you’re considering if a commercial solar carport is a good option for your business. Below you’ll find a photo of one of our solar installers working on one.

solar carport structure installers in scottsdale az

Residential Solar Panel Carport Structure

How about a residential solar carport?  While they are primarily being utilized in large commercial parking lots, their popularity has also grown exponentially in residential areas, too. From a carport for your vehicle or even a solar carport for RV storage, many residential homeowners are seeing the many benefits of protecting their vehicles with a residential solar carport. Besides your own home, apartments and condos are also great places to protect vehicles and reduce electrical costs!

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residential solar carport structure

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