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"With Watt Masters, we have performed solar installations from 5kw to 2.4mw (24 panels to 8,000). The work is fully understood, the effort, material and equipment thoroughly known and the quality and pace will meet or exceed that of the most costly electrical contractors. Empire has awarded $3mil+ of work to them and plan to maintain this successful relationship for years to come."
- Don Herman, Project Manager, Empire Renewable Energy

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Commercial Solar Installers in Phoenix AZ

Since 1999, Tom Buehler and his in-house team at Watt Masters have overseen and provided commercial solar installation of well over 20 megawatts of various types of Photovoltaic systems throughout the state of Arizona including large warehouses, large parking structures, ground-mount tracking systems, and fixed ground-mount solar panel systems.

Several years ago they also managed the O&M Department of CEC, LLC which provided maintenance and repair to all of ASU’s solar panel / PV Systems, Frito Lays Casa Grande PV Plant, Sundials PV Plants, and at least thirty schools from northern, southern and central Arizona. At the present time, he holds a CR-11 and A-17 license in the State of Arizona.

There are countless reasons why installing solar for your business is a smart investment. Here are a few benefits our commercial customers enjoy:

wiring electrical for macys rooftop solar panel installation

But choosing a commercial solar company that you can trust isn't easy... Watt Masters longtime experience & seasoned team makes it easy.

  • Installing solar since 1999, before most competitors existed!
  • Longstanding primary installer for $billion/year Fortune 500 company
  • Successfully wired & installed Arizona's largest commercial rooftop solar panel system
  • Solid seasoned team of our own in-house experienced installers, & trusted advisors & engineers
  • Wide range of capabilities including rooftop, ground mount, carports, generator backup & more

The Growing Importance of Commercial Solar Installation: Powering a Sustainable Future

In recent years, the global focus on renewable energy has intensified, with businesses increasingly turning towards sustainable solutions. One of the key players in this transition is the growing importance of commercial solar installation. As businesses seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace green practices, the demand for efficient and cost-effective commercial solar systems has surged. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of commercial solar installation, exploring its benefits, the key players in the industry, and the essential considerations for businesses looking to make the switch.

Commercial Solar Installation: Harnessing Solar Energy for Business Growth

In this section, we’ll discuss how commercial solar installation contributes to business growth and sustainability. Explore the various advantages of harnessing solar energy, including reduced energy costs, environmental benefits, and potential financial incentives.

The Rise of Commercial Solar Companies

Highlight the emergence of commercial solar companies as key players in the renewable energy landscape. Discuss their roles, services, and the impact they have on promoting and implementing commercial solar systems.

Choosing the Best Commercial Solar Panels

Examine the critical factors businesses should consider when selecting commercial solar panels. Address the efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness of different panels, emphasizing the importance of making informed choices.

Navigating the World of Commercial Solar Installers

Explore the role of commercial solar installers and contractors in the installation process. Discuss the skills, certifications, and experience needed for a successful commercial solar installation, emphasizing the importance of choosing reputable professionals.

Defining Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar installation refers to the process of integrating solar photovoltaic systems onto commercial properties to harness sunlight and convert it into electricity. This sustainable energy solution is designed to meet the specific energy needs of businesses, providing a clean and cost-effective alternative to traditional power sources.

Custom Solar Solutions for Businesses

Highlight the trend of businesses opting for custom solar solutions to meet their unique energy needs. Discuss the flexibility and scalability of commercial solar installations, showcasing examples of companies that have successfully implemented tailored solar systems.

Commercial Solar Installation: Key Considerations for Commercial Solar Systems

Delve into the essential considerations businesses must keep in mind when transitioning to commercial solar systems. Discuss factors such as site assessment, financing options, and regulatory compliance to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Installation

Explore the numerous advantages businesses can gain from adopting commercial solar installations. Highlight cost savings, reduced carbon footprint, energy independence, and potential revenue generation through incentives as key benefits that contribute to the overall success and sustainability of businesses.

Features of Commercial Solar Installation

Examine the distinctive features of commercial solar installations, such as scalability, modularity, and adaptability. Discuss how these features make commercial solar systems suitable for a variety of business sizes and types, offering flexibility to meet evolving energy demands.

The Importance of Commercial Solar Installation

Delve into why commercial solar installation is crucial in the current business landscape. Emphasize the role it plays in environmental stewardship, meeting corporate social responsibility goals, and contributing to the global shift toward sustainable practices.


Exploring Types of Commercial Solar Installation

Discuss the different types of commercial solar installations available for businesses. This could include rooftop solar systems, ground-mounted installations, and solar carports, providing businesses with options that align with their infrastructure and energy requirements.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Commercial Solar Installation

Outline the key factors businesses should consider when choosing a commercial solar installation. Explore aspects such as site suitability, system size, financing options, and the reputation of commercial solar companies. Providing a comprehensive guide will assist businesses in making informed decisions tailored to their unique needs.


The growing importance of commercial solar installation is evident as businesses worldwide recognize the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy. With the help of reputable commercial solar companies, businesses can navigate the complexities of installation and embrace a sustainable future. As the demand for custom solar solutions continues to rise, the commercial sector plays a crucial role in driving the adoption of solar energy, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly business landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial solar installations can significantly reduce energy costs by harnessing sunlight to generate electricity, leading to long-term savings on utility bills.
Yes, many governments offer incentives such as tax credits and rebates to encourage businesses to invest in renewable energy, making commercial solar installations financially attractive.

Commercial solar contractors oversee the installation process, ensuring that solar panels are efficiently integrated into the business’s infrastructure and comply with industry standards.

Absolutely. Custom solar solutions allow businesses to tailor their solar installations to meet specific energy requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance.

The payback period for a commercial solar installation varies based on factors such as energy consumption, local incentives, and financing terms. On average, businesses can expect to recoup their investment within a few years.

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A few of our commercial solar installation customers include:

solar panels at arizona humane society
caterpillar solar sites wired and installed by watt masters
honeywell solar panels installed by watt masters
solar panels installed for lutheran church of the risen savior
solar panels installed for fort mcdowell
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solar panels installed for city of scottsdale fire department
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tyco simplex grinnell solar installation
solar installed for city of scottsdale police
solar install at arizona state university
empire caterpillar solar panel installation contractor
solar installed for arizona national guard
power producing car protection

Solar Panel Carports

Solar carports are an excellent investment for several reasons. Customers love the shade and protection they receive while supporting an environmentally conscious business. And business owners love making efficient & attractive use of their space while producing free electric.

campground solar panel awning
commercial generator installation in phoenix az
keep your business running

Standby Power Generator Backup

A power outage can cost you A LOT. Unsafe for employees & customers, and devastating to product loss or technology outage. We have successfully installed countless Generac generators to return power within seconds, keeping your business humming right along safely & efficiently.

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Notable Projects

2.2 Megawatt Warehouse

Empire East Parking 1MW

commercial solar installation

Cowley Warehouse 2.7 MW

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