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US Department of Homeland Security Warns of Possible Electric Grid Attack!

homeland security warns of electric grid attack

Has anyone else noticed that the last few years has really kicked up some dust around the world? It seems that rumors of war are frequent – civil wars even, and the divide seems to be growing greater with each day. In the US, there are what the US Department of Homeland Security states as “domestic terrorists” that are threatening to attack the power grid.

As stated on an intelligence bulletin released from the Department of Homeland Security, violent and racially motivated domestic extremists have been scheming plans to attack the power grid within the US.

The intelligence bulletin about domestic power grid attacks states...

“DVEs have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020, identifying the electric grid as a particularly attractive target given its interdependency with other infrastructure sectors”

Plans to attack power grids continue to develop amongst domestic violent extremists...

The alarm comes as DHS and government specialists strain to stay aware of the danger of violent domestic extremists and continue attempting to charge members in the Jan. 6 uprising. John Cohen, the head of DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis, stated that almost one year after the Capitol Hill riot, the dangers of violent domestic extremists “is one of the most complex, volatile, and dynamic that I’ve experienced in my career.”

DHS intelligence proposes that violent domestic extremists will keep on plotting assaults against the electrical power grid in the U.S. that may bring about actual harm and physical damages. As of late, online discussions from violent domestic extremists have zeroed in on empowering solitary individual assaults, as well as endeavors to motivate people with practically no preparation to pursue electrical power grid frameworks — incorporating with guns, incendiary weapons, hammers, and power saws.

So how do you survive a power outage?

There are two ways that you and your family can empower yourselves to be more self-sustainable and remain powered up during a power outage or electric grid attack:

Option 1  >  Home Generator Backup

home electrical power backup generator Generac

With a home generator, power will typically resume within 10-30 seconds (every model is different).

    • The downside of generator backup is they take gas in order to run. If we have an electric grid attack and the power is out for days or longer, gas stations will also not work so you will eventually run out of gas unless you are storing mass amounts of it..

Option 2 – the best option  >  Home Solar with Battery Backup

home solar battery backup storage

Unlike a generator, home solar installation in Phoenix is a much more sustainable option!  They soak in the abundant Phoenix, Arizona sun which will create free electricity all day long. The extra power produced will keep your solar battery backup system topped off. Not only will this keep you powered up in the event that our power grid goes down, but it will also save you more money by not having to pull power from the grid overnight in a normal everyday scenario.

If the power grid went out, you won’t even notice because there is literally zero downtime, unlike generator backup which can be several seconds. If you have life-supporting medical equipment you can’t afford any downtime! Solar with battery backup is your best option.

Another major benefit and advantage of solar battery backup is it qualifies for the Solar Federal Tax Incentive which saves 30% on the cost of the equipment AND labor to install!

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