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Benefits of Solar Carports

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There are many benefits to investing into a solar carport structure for your home or business. In this article we’ll share a few. But first, if you’re still wondering, “what is a solar carport?“, take a look at the photo below of one Watt Masters built. It’s a place to park your vehicles for protection and shade, which also serves dual purpose of producing free electricity! They are truly amazing… 

What are the benefits of solar carports?

The obvious – shelter for your vehicles

Just like traditional carports, solar carports provide coverage from the harsh Arizona sun, monsoon rains, or even ice, sleet and snow in the higher elevations of Arizona. Your vehicles body and paint will love the additional life they get to enjoy because of the protection they receive from harsh weather. 

Easy integration and versatile usage options

The electrical power generated from solar carports can be used in a variety of ways such as within your home or business, stored in batteries for future (such as when multiple cloudy days have limited your solar production!), sold right back to the power company, or we can even hook them right into an electric vehicle charging station! Now THAT is a uber-green choice!

Efficient and effective use of your land

Unlike a ground mounted system that can take up a lot of space, a solar carport requires nearly zero additional space usage on your property. This allows you to maximize your commercial or residential real estate by transforming your existing parking spots into protective spaces that constantly produce free electricity without having to take up land that could be used for future expansion needs.


As we already above, a solar carport has much more flexibility and less restrictions to consider because we can design and install your panels at the proper angles which will maximize sunlight exposure and power production, while simultaneously adapting them to fit the needs of a business. Not only are size and space flexible, but the style and appearance is also completely customizable so you can have a structure that not only functions great, but also looks amazing and complements your building.

Increased savings and reduced maintenance

As I’m sure you already know, electricity costs are continually going up every year. With a solar carport, you can help reduce, stabilize and possibly even eliminate your energy bills! And with solar panels needing little maintenance and service, and solar carports channeling rain and snow, your home or business can also benefit from lower maintenance costs.

By installing a residential or commercial solar carport, you’re not only benefiting the environment and saving yourself money on energy bills, you’re also enriching your surrounding communities with free clean energy, and responsibly investing into the health of our future generations.  Solar energy is a phenomenal investment in the future and an easy one at that. 

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