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Solar Alternatives – Solar Panel Awnings, Solar Canopy & Solar Panel Carports

Solar alternatives for home solar installation in Scottsdale - awnings canopies and carports

Solar alternatives for your home solar panel installation in Scottsdale and surrounding cities

Is your roof unsuitable for solar? Consider these alternatives!

Is your roofing too shady, aged, or perhaps too small to support a full rooftop solar panels? installation in Scottsdale? Don’t be concerned, there are many solar alternatives for installing solar panels on a home or commercial business. In this article, we will explain just a few of the most popular solar alternatives.

Solar Panel Awnings

An awning is a shade structure that extends from an existing structure. Consider putting up a backyard deck or patio. What if you can somehow provide shade while also collecting energy?  Solar panel awnings are an excellent solar alternative to rooftop panels.

You can achieve both with a solar awning, which can be built without damaging your building’s current roof.  As seen in the images below, a solar panel awning can be a great way to cover your home’s patio. 

If you have a business that is located in a commercial building, installing a solar panel awning is an excellent way to offset your electricity costs while also showing the community that you care about our environment and are doing something about it! Studies have shown that consumers are more drawn to doing business with companies that support green initiatives such as solar. Engaging with solar companies to install these systems not only demonstrates your commitment to sustainability but also positions you as a forward-thinking leader in your industry.

commercial solar panel awning
home solar panel awning in Scottsdale

Solar Panel Carport

Installing solar panels on top of your carport is a super-efficient way to generate free solar electricity from the sun while simultaneously protecting your vehicles!

The benefits of solar carports are numerous!  Topping a shaded carport parking structure with solar panels helps protect your vehicles and keeps them cooler from the hot Arizona sun. 

A solar carport can help you save lots money – an excellent rooftop solar alternative!

At Watt Masters, we’ve installed several solar panel carports, otherwise known as solar panel awnings. From Empire’s commercial solar parking structures, The Hub in Phoenix, and other commercial solar carport awning structures, we can definitely help guide you here!

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

A ground mount solar panel setup is a common choice for off-grid homes as well as those that live in densely shaded areas. As the name suggests, this application takes place on the ground, with rails fixed deep into the ground for balance and stability.

Ground mounted solar panels are easier to maintain as you don’t have to climb onto your roof, plus you’ll also prevent leaks on your rooftop by keeping the panels and railing equipment off of the roof!  (That said, a well done rooftop solar panel installation should not leak! Oh the stories we often hear….)

Solar alternatives are an excellent choice!

As you can now see, there are a variety of solutions now available that allow you to install solar panels in areas other than your roof. In order to determine which option is ideal for your house or commercial building, we are happy to visit your property to evaluate the space and provide you with all of your options – the full analysis and quote are complimentary, so reach out for your free solar quote today!

Watt Masters is happy to be one of the highest rated and best solar panel installers in Scottsdale and all surrounding cities throughout Arizona. From rooftop residential solar installation with solar battery backup, to solar canopies and carports, and extensive experience in massive multi-megawatt commercial solar panel installations; we’ve got you covered!  And with our financing options, you can get a full solar panel system installed with as little as $0 out of pocket! Wipe out your electric bill, gain greater control over your energy usage, and protect yourself from increasing electric costs by generating your energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar carports are like your regular car shades, but with a twist – they have solar panels on top! Instead of just giving your car some shade, they also generate electricity from sunlight. It’s like having a mini power station right in your parking spot​.

There are several cool reasons to think about solar carports. First off, they make use of space you already have – no need to find extra room. They’re also great because they keep your car cool while generating clean energy. Plus, they show everyone that you’re all in on helping the planet by using green energy.

Absolutely! Solar carports aren’t just for cars. You can use the shaded area for gatherings, barbecues, or just hanging out. It’s like having an eco-friendly patio

Yes, they do. Whether you’ve got a small home or a big business, solar carports can be a great addition. Businesses, in particular, find them handy for large parking lots, offering shade and power generation all at once.

The cost can vary a lot based on the size and design you go for. A simple DIY setup might not set you back too much, but if you’re looking for something more elaborate or professionally installed, the price will go up. The good news is, thanks to lower solar panel prices and some handy incentives, they can be quite affordable in the long run​.

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