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In Phoenix, installing solar panels is one of the smartest investments Phoenix home and business owners can make. Solar panels enable you to take complete control over rising electric costs by absorbing your own free electricity through solar panel installation in Phoenix! Finding a solar installer in Phoenix that you can trust, however, can be a difficult process. On this page we will equip you with what to look for, vital things to know, and how to choose the best solar installer near me in Phoenix!

At Watt Masters, we help you generate your own free electricity from the sun, and we just so happen to install the best solar panel systems at competitive rates, all with an exceptional service experience! The utility companies call us “the senior solar guys of Arizona” because we have been installing solar longer than the vast majority of solar companies in Phoenix!

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Are solar panels worth it in Phoenix, AZ right now?

There has never been a better time than right now to install solar panels in Phoenix, Arizona!  Combining reduced equipment costs, and extended and increased federal and state incentives, solar panel installation is truly an excellent investment! Solar panels pay for themselves immediately due to the instant increase in property equity value!

Studies show that homes and businesses with solar panels are more attractive and in higher demand with today’s more “enlightened” customers, and they are even willing to pay more at a place with solar panels installed! Couple that with rising energy costs and inflation, and it is clear to see that solar panel installation in Phoenix is an absolute no-brainer.

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Arizona Homeowners suffered from power outages from 2008-2017
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Drop in solar panel prices in the last five years
Sunny days in Phoenix, AZ. You live in the BEST place for solar!

Why Choose Our Expert Solar Installers in Phoenix?

At Wattmasters, we understand that going solar is a significant decision. Our expert solar installers in Phoenix are here to make the process seamless. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Experience:

    Our team has years of experience in solar panel installation.

  • Quality Products:

    We use high-quality solar panels and components.

  • Custom Solutions:

    We tailor each installation to meet your unique needs.

  • Affordability:

    Competitive prices and financing options make solar accessible.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

    We’re committed to your satisfaction from start to finish.

5 kW

Home Solar Panel System

  • $17,500 before discounts
  • $12,250 after discounts
6 kW

Home Solar Panel System

  • $21,000 before discounts
  • $14,700 after discounts
7 kW

Home Solar Panel System

  • $24,500 before discounts
  • $17,150 after discounts

The Benefits of Solar Power in Phoenix

Switching to solar power in Phoenix offers a multitude of benefits:
•Savings: Lower your energy bills and potentially earn through net metering.
• Eco-Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint and help combat climate change.
• Energy Independence: Generate your electricity and reduce dependence on the grid.
• Property Value: Increase the value of your home with a solar installation.
• Tax Incentives: Take advantage of federal and state incentives for going solar.

If you’d like to learn more, we wrote an article about titled, How much do solar panels cost for a 1,500 square foot house?

Details about the 30% solar tax credit with the new Inflation Reduction Act

What solar tax credits and discounts can a home solar installer use to help me save money on solar panel installation?

Homeowners who hire a Phoenix solar panel installer can save 30% off of the cost of solar panel installation thanks to the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). In addition, Arizona’s Solar Tax Credit will save you an additional 25% or $1,000, making your savings even greater for residential solar in Phoenix!

That said, these are TEMPORARY rebates! They have already been reduced from 30% in the last few years, 26% was scheduled to end in 2022, but now the Inflation Reduction Act has extended it to 2032. That said, being this is a democratic-led initiative with little support from other sides, it is possible that it could be shortened or eliminated at any point!

So if you’re looking to save the most amount of money on your home solar panel installation, now truly is the perfect timing. Combining state and federal tax incentives with the reduced pricing of equipment, it’s clear to see that there has not been a better time than right now. Contact us today to get your free solar quote started!

Another benefit of solar panels = You can get paid with Net Metering!

Net metering is where your utility company pays YOU for the extra electricity you generate! Considering that Arizona produces more solar power electricity than any other state, net metering can be a very profitable benefit for Arizona homeowners, especially those who have invested in solar energy solutions. This is particularly advantageous for those with EV charging stations integrated into their homes. Net metering works by keeping track of the amount of electricity you use in your home vs. the amount of extra electricity that your solar panels, and possibly EV charging station, have generated. Any excess will be sent back through the meter to the main power grid for others to use. Your utility company will then credit you at the current retail electricity price, providing an additional incentive for environmentally conscious homeowners who have embraced both solar power and EV technology. Net metering works by keeping track of the amount of electricity you use in your home vs. the amount of extra electricity that your solar panels have generated. Any excess will be sent back through the meter to the main power grid for others to use. Your utility company will then credit you at the current retail electricity price.

Solar Battery Backup can save you more money, protect you from power outages, and increase your self-sustainability!

A home solar panel system without battery backup is nice. But when the sun goes down, you stop producing electricity and therefore have to pay to draw electricity from the grid – often at peak rate times.  Solar backup batteries store the excess electricity you’ve generated during the day so that in the sunless evening hours you draw power from your backup batteries and not expensive grid power!

Beyond financial savings, another major reason why people install solar backup batteries is to maintain power 24/7 – even in the event of an unexpected power outage. Some have sensitive medical equipment that their life depends on (think CPAP machines, etc.) or even technology equipment (any cryptocurrency miners out there!?)

Watt Masters provides solar backup battery storage installation so that you save more and remain energized with free electricity at ALL times of the day.

So who are the Best Solar Panel Installers Near Me In Phoenix AZ?

I think we can all agree, it’s crazy how many solar companies in Phoenix there are today! It feels like a new one pops up every day… However, many of them should not be trusted! That makes finding a Phoenix solar panel installer that you can trust an intimidating process… 

When installing solar panels, you’re working with high power electricity and sensitive components that if installed or paired together incorrectly during the design stage, a catastrophic and life-threatening situation can occur when you least expect it! Solar panel fires ARE a real thing.

This is because so many of the solar companies in Phoenix are very new to solar panel installation. Many are simply jumping on the solar band wagon to take advantage of the opportunity to make money while solar is in such high demand. But you don’t have to worry – if choosing an experienced solar installation company.

Watt Masters was one of the first solar panel installers in Phoenix!

We installed our first solar panel system in 1999 before the vast majority of today’s competitors even existed!  To date, we’ve completed over 50,000 solar panel installs! From small homes to massive commercial solar panel installations, solar carports and ground-mounted solar panel systems – we have in-depth experience with it all.

Furthermore, we LOVVVE our customers! As you probably know, having a contractor at your home has historically not been the most pleasant experience… We have always strived to provide white-glove 5-star service that leaves our customers feeling happy, refreshed, and confident in their home’s electrical and solar panel systems.  We do not hire commission-based salespeople either. We are true certified solar professionals who care; and we go the extra length to answer any questions you have, educate you on anything you’d like to know, and provide honest upfront no-pressure competitive pricing.

Home and business owners in several cities all across Arizona have named Watt Masters as the best solar installers near me in Phoenix since 1999. In fact, the power companies call us the “Senior Solar Guys of Arizona”  😉

With Watt Masters, you simply get more for your money, and you will feel confident knowing your solar panel system was designed and installed correctly so that you can sleep peacefully at night and enjoy free electricity for many years to come. Extraordinary customer service experience, on-time installation, and quality workmanship built to last forever have coined us as the best solar installers in Phoenix near me.

As a leading solar energy contractor in Phoenix, we are pleased to serve all of Arizona!
Although we are based in Phoenix, Arizona, people often search for us in other cities by looking up Eloy solar panel installers, Payson solar panel installers, solar installers in Queen Creek, Cave Creek solar installation companies, solar installers Casa Grande, Goodyear solar installers, best solar installers in Fountain Hills, Anthem solar installers, solar panel companies in Prescott, and many more..

Whether you’re looking for residential solar installation or commercial solar installation, we are experts and highly experienced in all project sizes. Give our friendly team a call today to see if solar is right for you!

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are the heart of any solar energy system. Here’s how they work:


Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. When sunlight hits the solar cells, it excites electrons, creating a flow of direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter then converts DC into usable alternating current (AC) electricity for your home.

Solar Panel Financing Options

Investing in solar doesn’t have to be a financial burden. At Wattmasters, we offer various financing options to suit your budget:

  • Solar Loans: Secure a low-interest loan to finance your solar installation.
  • Leasing: Lease solar panels and enjoy immediate energy savings.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): Pay for the electricity your solar panels produce, not the panels themselves.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives: Take advantage of available financial incentives.

Why Choose Wattmasters for Solar Panels in Phoenix?

  • Experienced Solar Experts: Our team of Solar Phoenix AZ professionals has years of experience, ensuring a smooth installation process and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We offer the latest in solar panel technology, so you can harness the power of the sun with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available.
  • Local Expertise: Being based in Phoenix, we understand the unique needs of the region and can customize a solar solution that’s perfect for your home or business.
  • Solar Sales Near Me: At Wattmasters, we’re not just solar Phoenix AZ installers; we’re also your local solar sales experts. We make it easy to explore your solar Phoenix AZ options without the hassle of searching “solar sales near me.”

Explore the future of sustainable energy with our advanced solar solutions, seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge battery storage technology. Learn more about the efficiency and resilience of solar with battery storage.

Why Go Solar in Phoenix, AZ?

Phoenix is renowned for its abundant sunshine, making it a prime location for harnessing the power of the sun. By choosing solar panels in Phoenix, you not only reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources but also enjoy substantial long-term benefits. These benefits include:

  • Energy Independence: With solar Phoenix panels, you can generate your electricity, reducing your dependence on the grid and safeguarding your energy needs, even during power outages.
  • Significant Savings: By producing your electricity, you can drastically cut down on your monthly energy bills. Many Phoenix residents and businesses report substantial savings on their electricity costs after making the switch to solar.
  • Environmental Impact: Solar energy is clean and renewable, making it a green choice. By going solar, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Phoenix and the planet.
  • Property Value: Solar Phoenix  panel installations increase the value of your property. Homes and businesses with solar are in high demand, making them more attractive to potential buyers and tenants.
  • State and Federal Incentives: In Arizona, there are various incentives and rebates available to help make your transition to solar even more affordable. Our experts at Wattmasters can help you navigate these programs to maximize your savings.

Elevate your parking space to new heights of efficiency and sustainability. Discover the innovation of solar canopies for parking lots and how they not only provide shade but generate clean energy. Find out more about our solar canopy solutions.ower up your business with our tailored commercial solar installation services. From customized design to flawless execution, our experts ensure a seamless transition to sustainable energy. Learn about the benefits of commercial solar installation

Efficient Solar Panels in Phoenix: Transforming Sunlight into Savings

At Wattmasters, we’re dedicated to providing the most efficient solar panels in Phoenix, transforming the abundant sunlight into significant savings for your home or business. With our state-of-the-art solar technology and expert installation, you can maximize your energy production and minimize your energy bills. Our solar panels phoenix are designed to capture and convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.Curious about the cost of embracing solar power? Discover transparent pricing and explore the various factors influencing solar panels’ price. Learn more about the investment in clean energy and its long-term benefits.In the realm of commercial solar solutions, Wattmasters stands out as one of the leading companies dedicated to transforming businesses with clean energy. Explore the comprehensive services offered by top-tier commercial solar companies like ours.

Solar Sales Near Me: Discover unbeatable solar sales near you. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. We make solar accessible and affordable for everyone in the Phoenix area.

Paradise Valley deserves the best in solar expertise. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to bringing top-tier solar installers in Paradise Valley. Learn how we illuminate homes and businesses in this picturesque community.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

At Wattmasters, we understand that ensuring the long-term efficiency and reliability of your solar panel system is crucial. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services tailored to the unique needs of solar panels in the Phoenix climate. Here’s how we can help you keep your solar investment performing at its best:

  1. Routine Maintenance:

Regular maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your solar panels phoenix. Our experts will conduct thorough inspections, cleaning, and testing to identify and address any issues before they become major problems.

  1. Cleaning and Debris Removal:

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on your solar panels phoenix over time, reducing their energy production. Our team will clean and maintain your panels, ensuring they receive maximum sunlight exposure.

  1. Performance Monitoring:

We provide advanced monitoring systems to keep an eye on your solar panel system’s performance. This allows us to detect any irregularities or drops in efficiency, ensuring we can address issues promptly.

  1. Repairs and Replacements:

In the event of damage or malfunctions, our skilled technicians are ready to make timely repairs or replacements. Whether it’s a cracked panel, inverter issues, or wiring problems, we have the expertise to get your system back on track.

  1. System Upgrades:

As technology advances, you might want to upgrade your solar system to take advantage of the latest innovations. Wattmasters can assist with upgrades to improve your system’s performance and energy production.

Explore our tailored solar solutions designed for Scottsdale’s unique energy needs. Discover how Wattmasters is your trusted partner for solar installers in Scottsdale. Uncover how our solar 

Installers in  Fountain Hills provide efficient and sustainable power solutions

Our Solar Installation Process for Solar Companies in Phoenix, AZ

At Wattmasters, we’ve perfected a seamless solar installation process designed to make your transition to clean, renewable energy in Phoenix, AZ as easy and efficient as possible. Here’s an overview of the steps you can expect when you choose us for your solar panel installation:

  1. Initial Consultation:

The journey begins with a personalized consultation. Our expert team will meet with you to discuss your energy needs, budget, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best solar solution for your home or business.

  1. Site Assessment:

Our solar professionals will conduct a comprehensive on-site assessment to evaluate your property’s solar potential. This assessment takes into account factors such as roof condition, sun exposure, and local regulations to design the most efficient and cost-effective solar panel system for your specific needs.

  1. Custom System Design:

Based on the results of the site assessment and your energy requirements, we’ll design a custom solar system tailored to your property. This system will maximize energy production while seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure.

  1. Proposal and Financing Options:

Once the system design is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal that outlines the project’s scope, costs, and potential financing options. We can help you explore various financing plans and incentives to make your solar investment affordable.

  1. Permits and Approvals:

Wattmasters will handle all the necessary permits and approvals required for your solar installation, ensuring a smooth process without you having to navigate the bureaucratic hurdles.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repair

Proper maintenance ensures your solar panels perform optimally. At Wattmasters, we offer maintenance and repair services to keep your system running smoothly. Our services include:

  • Cleaning and Inspection: Regular cleaning and inspection to remove dirt and debris.
  • Repairs: Timely repair of any damage or malfunction.
  • Monitoring: Continuous system monitoring to detect issues promptly.

Get a Free Solar Consultation

Ready to make the switch to solar? Contact Wattmasters today to schedule your free solar consultation. Our experts will assess your needs, answer your questions, and provide you with a personalized solar solution. Join the solar revolution with Wattmasters.

Frequently Asked Quanstions

Yes, solar panels are worth it in Phoenix. Phoenix is one of the sunniest cities in the United States, so homeowners can generate a significant amount of electricity from their solar panels. In addition, Arizona offers a number of incentives for solar power, including a 30% federal tax credit and a state tax credit. On average, Phoenix homeowners can save $25,000 on their electricity bills over the lifetime of their solar panels. This means that solar panels can pay for themselves in 5-7 years.

The average cost of a solar panel in Phoenix, AZ is $2.44/W. An average solar installation in Phoenix, AZ costs between $10,370 and $14,030 for a 5 kW solar panel system, with the average gross price for solar in Phoenix, AZ coming in at $12,200.

Although solar technology is marginally less expensive in Arizona than in other parts of the country, the total cost of a system is greater owing to Arizona’s high energy consumption. You will still get a return on your investment over time. The typical payback period is 6 to 10 years.

Although solar technology is marginally less expensive in Arizona than in other parts of the country, the total cost of a system is greater owing to Arizona’s high energy consumption. You will still get a return on your investment over time. 

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