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4 Tips for Finding Best Solar Installers Near Me In Scottsdale

tips for finding solar installers near me in Scottsdale

Looking for the best solar installers near me in Scottsdale?

Leverage our 20 years of experience as we share the top things to know before hiring just any Scottsdale solar installation company.

Even though solar power is still a relatively new business, many Scottsdale homeowners opt to go solar. It just makes sense. Control your own power, save money on expensive electric bills, and doing your part to help our environment and planet for future generations!

The need for the best residential solar panels is increasing, and as a result, more solar panel installation companies in Scottsdale are starting up. Because of the overwhelming response, you now have many options to choose from when searching for the best solar installers near me in Scottsdale. While this may seem good news, there is a drawback: more solar installation contractors means more solar system installers to pick from— and not all are competent, experienced, and qualified…

Watt Masters is the most experienced solar installation company in Scottsdale – we got our start in 1999 before most of our current day competitors existed!

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Here, you’ll find the answer to your search about how to choose the best solar installers near me in Scottsdale! Limiting your options will be difficult, but not impossible. To help you make a selection, here are a few things to keep in mind:


In the case of Scottsdale home solar panel installation, expertise matters a lot more than a beginner’s knowledge. Installing solar technology on your house, specifically when it comes to generating your own energy and selling it back to the grid, needs the services of an expert. 

Furthermore, we believe it is imperative to hire only “solar electricians“, those who are experienced licensed electricians as well. The last thing you want is an electrical fire starting on your roof due to improper or unsafe wiring! Ask how long they’ve been doing electrical and installing solar power.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certifies the top solar specialists (NABCEP). Before you employ them, request to examine their credentials. You should also check that your solar installer is licensed, bonded and insured, in addition to inquiring how long they’ve been in business.

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Solar panel installation costs may be paid in various ways by homeowners. However, not all businesses provide all of these possibilities. Although leasing may work for certain businesses, it is not permitted in others. This is why hiring the first result from a “solar installers near me” search may not be the best idea—you may not be able to work with their payment terms.

When speaking with a solar installation company about your plan, be sure to inquire about all of their payment possibilities upfront. This allows you to compare choices and costs from different installations. If your system is linked to the grid, be sure you understand any associated costs.

At Watt Masters, we believe in owning your solar panel system, this is why we offer financing options with up to $0 down to get started!  Leasing solar panels is almost always a bad idea. At the end of your lease you often lose the system or have to buy it outright anyway. Financing options often will not cost you any more than you’re used to because of the electric bill offset you’re receiving from generating your own free electricity through with your solar panels.


Discover what is covered by the warranty. Nothing is more frustrating than having your complete solar system built just to have it break down a week later. Inquire about their warranty as one of the greatest strategies to narrow down your solar business alternatives. Before, during, and after the installation process, find out their normal operating procedure if anything goes wrong.

At Watt Masters, we stand behind our work. We take great pride in performing a job well beyond standard expectations. All of our workmanship is built to last a lifetime, and we’ll always show up to make things right should a situation ever arise.

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As you find options for the best solar installers near me in Scottsdale, be sure to look up all of the Scottsdale solar company reviews. It’s considerably easy to assess a company’s reliability these days simply by checking online. You can simply uncover verifiable customer reviews regarding your top options for solar installation companies with just a few keystrokes and clicks.

Of course, you’ll want to choose a firm that has a lot of good reviews and high ratings. But it all comes down to gut feeling. Give them a call. How is that first impression? Ask a handful of questions and see how they respond. Are they patient and kind, or short and unhelpful? If a firm appears fantastic on paper and checks all the boxes, but you still don’t feel comfortable employing them, what should you do? Don’t. Choose a solar expert with whom you feel comfortable with. 

At Watt Masters, our motto and mission has remained the same since the early 1900’s, “Exceeding customer expectations with a quality they can depend on!”  We hope that you’ll contact us for a quote on your home solar panel cost to consider our family run solar company as a trusted solar installer for your home!

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