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The Benefits of Solar Battery Backup

Benefits of Solar Battery Backup

Solar battery backup is the perfect addition to your home or business’s solar panel system, they just make sense. Gas-powered generators are a thing of the past, solar batteries are the new energy storage solution! 

In addition to saving you more money, further reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting you from power outages; backup batteries also reduce your dependency on the utility company’s power grid, give you a quiet alternative to backup generators, and offset peak rates at nighttime.

This will also increase the value of your home or commercial business, and make you more environmentally and economically friendly. That’s a great reputation to have!

Solar backup batteries also qualify for the solar tax credit so you’ll save 30% or more when installed in conjunction with your solar panel system!

installing residential LG battery backup for home

Watt Masters technician installing LG Home Solar Battery Backup.

Home solar panel installation in Phoenix has become a very popular choice for many Arizona residents. Despite being such a great investment, people still face confusion about whether to add battery backup to their solar panel system or to go without it and just stick with a standard grid-tied solar panel system.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of solar battery backup installation so that you can decide which is the best choice for your solar panel system.

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What's the difference between a Battery Backup Solar System and a Grid-Tied Solar Panel System?

To know about the benefits of battery backup for solar, and its advantages over the grid-tied solar system, we need to know what these two types of solar systems are:

how solar Battery Backup works


  • Battery Backup Solar Panel System
    A solar panel system with battery backup is where a battery, or several batteries, is installed within the solar panel system. This battery can store the excess power generated by the solar system.

    You will save even more money with solar battery backup because your home will draw this stored power in the evening hours when there is no sun instead of pulling power from the utility grid.

    Furthermore, in the event of a power outage, your home’s electrical panel would draw power from your batteries instantly with zero downtime. This is why battery backup solutions for solar panel systems are an especially great investment for those with sensitive life-saving medical equipment.
how a grid-tied solar panel system works
  • Grid-Tied Solar Panel System
    The grid-tied solar system on the other hand is a solar system where no battery is used to capture the excess electricity. With this system, you can get electricity easily on sunny days.

    However, as there is no option to store energy for later use, you will need electricity from the local power company during the night – often when it is most expensive! Also, if there is a local power outage, your home will have no electricity if there is no sun.

    The excess amount of electricity produced by this type of solar system does not go to waste. Excess power is sent back through the power grid to your local power company which can distribute that energy to others. You might even get credit for sending electricity to the power company, like APS’s Renewable Energy Riders.

Benefits of a Solar Battery Bank

The biggest benefit of using a battery backup for your solar panel system is to use the electricity stored in the battery at any time, even when the whole area is facing a power outage. Even when everyone else in town is in the dark, you can still enjoy electricity coming from your uninterruptible power supply – your solar battery bank! 

Those with grid-tied solar systems cannot enjoy this benefit as they will also have no power if there is a local power outage. Ultimately, if you live in an area where there are frequent power outages, storms, or other problems that result in power outages, solar battery backup can be an excellent option for you.

If you rely on electricity for life-saving medical equipment, or perhaps you work from home and can’t afford the power going out, these are also great scenarios for battery backup.

With solar battery backup, even when there is no sun, you don’t need to use power from the local grid. That saves the electricity of the local grid and also, saves you from electricity bills.

Why do some people not install solar batteries?

A reason why people may opt-out of adding battery backup to their solar panel installation is the added cost. A solar panel system with a battery bank will initially cost more than a standard grid-tied solar panel system. However, although the upfront cost is higher to add batteries, you will save much more money in the long run as you will not have to pay for grid electricity every night!

Adding a solar battery bank is easily a great investment, even if it comes with a larger upfront price. Keep in mind, if you’re financing your solar panel system with Watt Masters, your solar batteries can also be rolled into the loan so you’re only paying a little more each month!

advantages of installing solar battery backup


Solar energy is a blessing for everyone – particularly in this crucial time when the world is facing a global energy crisis. Saving every bit of electricity is important now more than ever, and solar battery backup helps us do that without taking any energy from the local power companies. Even if it has a slightly larger price tag upfront, a solar battery bank can help you save a lot of money and much more electricity in the long run!

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