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Home Solar Installation in Phoenix

home solar installation in phoenix

What you should know and expect during home solar installation in Phoenix and surrounding cities.

Solar-powered houses are part of a growing trend of self-sufficiency. For homeowners contemplating home solar installation in Phoenix, generating enough clean energy to sustain a home’s gadgets without having to worry about price surges from utility providers may seem quite appealing.

However, it isn’t as simple as signing a paper, going to bed, and waking up with a spanking new solar system. There are several procedures to remember before, during, and after installation, but with the correct knowledge and resources, you can have clean, dependable solar electricity for your house.

At Watt Masters, we aim to make the process of installing solar panels for your house as simple as possible for you.

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What Happens During Home Solar Installation

Installation seems to be simple on paper:  Install the solar roof racking on your roof, attach the solar panels to the racks, then wire and connect everything to your house.

If it seems too simple, consider how much more goes into the decisions that lead up to putting solar power in your house!

Let’s have a look at everything you’ll need for home solar installation in Phoenix Arizona:

  • A design that optimizes the space on your roof to catch sunlight at the right angles
  • Permits from your local and state governments to install solar power for your home
  • An experienced residential solar panel installer with the correct [quality] equipment
  • A team that can help you install the solar panel system
  • Knowledge of how to monitor your solar panel system’s performance
  • Knowledge of how to properly maintain your solar equipment for years to come

With all of those stages in mind, the installation seems to be a lot more difficult!

Fortunately, there’s a simpler method to accomplish it than doing it all by yourself.

Home Solar Installation Assistance from Watt Masters!

How much do solar panels cost? We’ll walk you through the processes to obtain you a no-obligation savings report when you first contact us for a free estimate. That way, we can assist you in determining whether or not solar electricity for your house is a smart choice in the first place.


Step 1: Schedule a free on-site estimate

We need a few facts about your home’s location to give you an accurate estimate. Your neighborhood, the usual weather you observe and possible shading are all strong indicators of the kind of energy you might anticipate from solar power for your house. We’ll also look at your usual monthly power bill to determine how much you’re already paying and how much energy you’re consuming.

Following that, our contractors will check the design of your roof.

Although south-facing roofs get the most sunlight throughout the day, east- and west-facing rooftops may still generate enough solar energy for your house.

Option for Battery Backup Storage

LG Home Battery BackupYou’ll also have the option to choose if you would like to save the most amount of money with the installation of solar backup batteries. With solar backup batteries, the excess energy you produce is stored in your batteries so that in the evening hours without sunshine, you’ll be able to still use free electricity that is stored in your backup batteries!  Backup batteries are also great to have in the event of a power outage!  We often get asked, “are solar backup batteries worth it?” For more info, please check out this article we wrote on our solar battery backup storage.

We’ll be able to prepare your zero-commitment savings report after we have all of this information.

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In certain circumstances, your solar panel system payment will be equal to or less than your regular monthly power bill, so you won’t even notice a difference in your budget!

On the other hand, if we consider all of the elements and find that solar power isn’t going to save you money, we’ll tell you straight up. Home solar installation is a significant investment that will pay off over time, and we want you to be happy with your decision.

If you determine that solar energy for your house is suitable for you, we’ll assist you in getting started. With over 20 years of solar installation in Phoenix and all of Arizona, our team is well-versed in the types of documents and permissions required by local governments to properly install your solar system, and we will typically take care of filing them for you.

How do you pay for home solar installation in Phoenix?

When obtaining solar electricity for your house, it’s vital to keep in mind that you have many options:

  • A buy-to-own loan is a loan that allows you to purchase a home.
  • A lease agreement is a contract that specifies the terms and conditions of a
  • A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract that allows you to buy electricity from (PPA)

There is one significant advantage to leasing and PPAs: you are not purchasing a system.

However, both leasing and PPAs have a slew of issues arising from one major drawback: you don’t own the system.

Depending on your circumstances, not paying for the system may seem appealing. But bear with us…

In a leasing agreement, your partner firm installs the equipment, and you effectively rent it from them. It’s home solar power for your requirements, but you’re locked into whatever contract they have you on, and every monthly payment you make on your lease goes into their pocket rather than paying down an equity investment. When your leasing contract ends, you have the option of having the solar system removed or re-upping the contract (who knows whether the terms will remain the same).

Power Purchase Agreements are similar to PPAs. The system is installed by the partner firm, but instead of paying a monthly leasing fee, you will be purchasing electricity from them. Although this arrangement is usually less expensive than your monthly payment, the truth remains that you are still paying for electricity that isn’t yours. And that agreement doesn’t guarantee that they won’t boost your electricity costs to stay up with the market in the future.

These agreements throw a contract onto your home on top of not owning your electricity and not having a guaranteed, constant payment. If you decide to sell your home while it’s still under contract, you’ll have to persuade any potential buyer that it’s worth the purchase price plus the cost of the lease or PPA.

When you buy-to-own your system, you’re converting a monthly expenditure into a payment that helps you build equity in your home. Furthermore, when you buy-to-own with Watt Masters, your payment is fixed for the duration of your loan.

Power costs have been continuously rising—by 60% in the previous 20 years—but you and your house purchasers won’t have to be concerned. Solar electricity offers both immediate and long-term advantages.

Investing in solar electricity for your house, for example, provides you with the technology to generate your energy in the near run. Not only does generating that electricity power your appliances and utilities, but in certain areas, you can also sell any excess power your solar system creates back to the energy provider for cash or credits.

After paying for your solar system, the long-term advantages include boosting the value of your property by the solar system’s cost or even more. You gain control when you purchase solar electricity for your house on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Solar Panel Maintenance Following the Installation

Photovoltaic cells convert solar radiation into energy, and solar panels are stacked components made up of those cells. Their architecture is sturdy enough to withstand a variety of conditions, but as the owner of a new home solar installation in Phoenix, you’ll want to be aware of the basic maintenance instructions for the following several decades.

You have instant access to solar electricity for your house after you’ve been installed. All you have to do now is wait for the sun to rise and soak your panels with free energy producing sunrays! You won’t even have to think about it most days.

However, since solar panels depend on exposure to the sun, they will need maintenance from time to time. If you reside in a very dry or dusty area, a drop in performance might be caused by winter snows that cover the cells or a build-up of dirt. In these cases, we recommend cleaning your panels while taking all required safety measures. Our team can also assist you with best practices, but you should be able to maintain your system in excellent condition on your own.

If you notice that your power output has dropped at any moment, it might indicate a cell failure or, even worse, that something external has damaged the panel. Our solar panels are built to endure the common elements (weather, wind, hailstorms, etc. ), but nothing can be planned for.

When it comes to solar electricity for your house, you want a partner that is on your side.

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The Watt Masters Promise

We’ll get you started on owning your solar system when you get our no-obligation savings report and approve a plan to move forward.  Our team handles all of the details from planning, material acquisition, obtaining permits, communicating with local and federal government’s for tax credits, coordinating inspections and turn-on — we take care of it all!

At Watt Masters, we’ve been installing solar for longer than the majority of our current day competitors have even been in business. We don’t say this to brag, experience matters. There are several options from racking, panels, inverters, wire and more. And combining the right equipment, the best residential solar panels and accessories will ensure your solar panel system operates at it’s full potential and remains in SAFE operation.  We’ve heard too many horror stories from inexperienced installers..

You can rest easy at night knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve received the best parts and top quality workmanship that is built to last a lifetime!

If for any reason you are unsatisfied or are having any issues with your solar panel system, we will make it right. We stand behind our work, and the companies whos equipment we use also stand behind their parts.

With our solar power monitoring software, you’ll be able to see how much power is being generated, it really is a ton of fun to watch and the feeling of producing your own electricity for free is empowering! With that info, you’ll have all the information you need to make smart choices on your power usage.

What is the Solar Tax Credit?

You’ll also benefit from the tax advantages offered to owners since you’re purchasing to own. If you buy a solar panel system in 2022, you may claim a tax credit for up to 26% of the cost of the system in the first or subsequent year. There may also be state-level tax incentives that might save you money, depending on where you reside.

A $20,000 solar system, for example, may qualify you for a $5,200 federal solar tax credit. If you invest it toward a solar system, you’ll have a $14,800 solar system that will save you money every month on your electric bill, but will also greatly increase the value of your property!

That leads us to our prepayment benefit: you can pay off your system whenever you want! We want you to have clean electricity for the rest of your life, and if you pay off the loan early, that’s only a few more months without having to worry about a power bill payment.

We’re here to assist you to understand all of the benefits available to you based on your state and region. We want solar electricity for your house to be the simplest investment you’ve ever made, with our quality workmanship guarantee, top-notch high performance equipment, and ongoing relationship founded on trust.

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Creating Clean Energy in Your Community

Working toward a more sustainable energy future is a process that anybody can participate in. We still receive almost 70 percent of our power from burning fossil fuels as a country.

However, even while the law moves toward green programs, as homeowners we have the power to make a positive impact all on our own! It starts with 1. We can call do our part and contribute to the greater good of our country and planet. 

You save money, increase the value of your property, offset an average of 175 tonnes of CO2 during the system’s lifespan, and make a difference in the world when you take charge of your energy with residential solar installation.

You can find out right now how much solar energy for your house might save you with our free estimate and no-obligation savings report.

Get in touch with us right now!

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