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What to Expect With Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Arizona

What to Expect With Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Arizona

What to Expect With Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Arizona

Solar panels have become a favorable option for commercial businesses because of their environmental and financial benefits. More and more companies are going solar for several reasons including gaining control over fluctuating and continually rising energy costs, more predictable overhead, increasing employee retention, and greater appeal to new customers. Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Arizona just makes sense.

But installing solar panels on a commercial building is different than installing residential solar panels. The type of solar panels determines the length of the installation process and the installation time can also vary depending on the building’s size. Installing solar panels in a giant warehouse will take more time than in a small one-floored office. Or perhaps you’re more interested in a commercial solar carport awning? We’ve installed several of these across Arizona!

Nonetheless, commercial solar panel installation in Arizona is a big process, but in this article, we’ll do our best to make it easy to know what to expect.

Locally, our expertise extends to in Arizona. Unearth the potential of solar energy in the Grand Canyon State and delve into specifics about Commercial Solar panels in Arizona. At Wattmasters, we leverage cutting-edge technology, including AI to streamline the solar installation process, offering efficiency and precision.

The Steps of Commercial Solar Installation in Arizona

Choosing a Trustworthy Company for Commercial Solar Installation in Arizona

The first step is to choose a commercial solar installation company in Arizona. This first step is THE MOST important to a smooth and successful solar panel system for your business or facility. DO NOT choose just anybody.

There are A LOT of moving parts to commercial solar, parties involved, and so much more. Be sure to choose a seasoned installer that is also highly experienced in electrical and has a team of engineers to design the system for maximum efficiency and to ensure you meet all building requirements for roof load, integrating into existing electrical panels and other equipment.

Watt Masters has installed thousands of solar panels across Arizona, saving business owners a ton. We would be honored to assist you in your journey.

Wattmasters, your trusted partner in sustainable energy solutions, welcomes you to explore the world of commercial solar panels. Discover the Pros and Cons of Installing Commercial Solar Panels, empowering you with insights into the economic and environmental advantages. Wondering about the Cost of Commercial Solar Panels? Wattmasters provides transparent information, ensuring you make informed decisions.

When it comes to selecting a solar installer for your commercial building or facility, you should choose one that is experienced and reliable. Look for companies based in Arizona that have been around for several years and specialize in installing commercial solar systems. Be sure to read their customer reviews to get an honest opinion of the quality of their work before making a decision. With the right team on your side, you can enjoy all the benefits of having cost-effective renewable energy with a professional commercial solar installation in Arizona.

Dive into the realm of success stories with Wattmasters, featuring the top commercial solar projects and impacts in the USA. Enhance your infrastructure with the added benefits of commercial solar carports, combining functionality with environmental consciousness.


The next step toward installing solar panels for your commercial building is an appointment with an expert consultant. A seasoned commercial solar pro, like Watt Masters, will help explain everything you need to know so that you can have a smooth and successful commercial solar panel installation.

We can also help guide you on everything there is to know about the commercial solar tax credit in Arizona so you don’t have to worry about missing the details. You will walk away from our meeting feeling confident knowing every necessary detail about federal rebates and the local state incentives you will get from installing solar panels.

If you choose to move forward, we will send you a formal bid that outlines all costs associated with the solar panel system including equipment and installation labor. You’ll have the ability to pay the whole installation amount upfront or use a provider for a commercial solar loan. Are you a nonprofit organization? Learn about available opportunities with solar panel grants and the financial benefits of the commercial solar tax credit. Wattmasters collaborates with renowned Commercial Solar Panel Manufacturers, ensuring top-notch quality for your project.

Site Assessment

During the initial consultation, we perform an on-site assessment. Your property will be evaluated to determine what type of solar panel install is best, whether rooftop, ground-mount, a solar carport, or combination. 

Watt Masters has a seasoned team of engineers who help design the system and determine the best size, type, and lay out of the solar panels that will be installed to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Several measurements will be made to the roof and surrounding areas of your building to determine the orientation and placement of the panels and wires, the connection to the inverter, the main meter, and conduit wire runs.

A good solar company will find out the limitations in your place and will make sure that the system complies with the limitations, such as roof weigh limits etc. Making sure the system is aesthetically eye pleasing is also a quality of a good solar company.

Following the site assessment, permits and approvals from the city and your utility company are necessary to ensure they’re on board with the plans and we have as smooth of an installation process as possible. When all the paperwork, engineering, blueprints and approvals are done, the main installation process begins.

Avoid common pitfalls by familiarizing yourself with the Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Commercial Solar Panels. At Wattmasters, we guide you toward a sustainable business model, exploring the benefits of commercial solar panels and how they can potentially increase your commercial property value.

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Hardware Installation

During the installation process, several pieces of hardware will be brought to your commercial property. The most common hardware is solar modules, racking, wire, conduit, and all types of connectors.

The racking is the base of the solar power system and is installed first. These are often made of aluminum and are made to last for decades.

On top of the aluminum racking, solar modules are laid. Solar modules are the part with which most people are familiar. They harness the energy of the sun that is used to produce electricity.

The solar modules are connected to the inverter with the help of wires ran through conduit for protection. The solar inverter is the most important part of the whole solar power system. In a commercial solar installation, several inverters are typically used. The inverters transform the solar energy collected by the solar modules into usable electricity.

A solar inverter is also the most active part of solar equipment. So, it needs to be looked after carefully.  Watt Masters provides ongoing monitoring equipment and provides routine maintenance as needed. 

After all the rooftop equipment is installed, they need to be connected to the power grid. But first, city and utility inspections are required before energizing the system.

When everything is finished, you can start getting solar electricity for your commercial solar installation in Arizona. You can also check and monitor the daily output and usage of electricity any time you want.

Choose Wattmasters for a sustainable energy transformation, where every aspect of your commercial solar installation journey is guided by expertise, technology, and a commitment to a greener future


Solar panels bring a lot of benefits to commercial businesses. They not only save electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint but also ensure the business gets nonstop electricity without any power cuts or blackouts. The installation process of solar panels may seem like a hassle at the first glance, but once it is installed, it will only be beneficial in the long run.

The good news is, Watt Masters helps take care of all of the details for you so that you can have as smooth and stress-free of an experience as possible.

Discover the profound environmental benefits of commercial solar energy and explore the extensive network of If you’re looking to integrate EV charging stations, Wattmasters is your reliable contractor.

We’ve been doing this a long time! Since 1999, we have installed massive multi-megawatt solar panel systems with thousands of solar panels, countless solar carport awnings, ground-mounted solar, and even smaller commercial office solar panel systems. Curious about the installation process? Our page on “What to Expect With Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Arizona” provides comprehensive insights. Explore tips on choosing the best solar companies and understanding how much do commercial solar panels cost.

We would be honored to assist you with going solar and are happy to answer any and all questions you have – contact us today!

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